Feb 15, 2008

In the Hush of Winter

~Some deep thoughts I have been pondering these past 10 days~

1. Can you cough hard enough that your head actually pops off.

2. How many dossiers does one have to do, in order to actually bring a baby/children home? (we are working on our third for this SAME adoption, sigh.)

3. If we can instantly pop all over the world, via blog-world, why can't they manufacture a cough suppressant that actually works?

4. How many nasty tasting cough drops do you need to eat before the razor throat goes away?

5. Is coughing aerobic and how many calories do you burn coughing all night for 10 nights in a row?

6. If I keep coughing will I have to return to the gym or will the lack of food & the amount of, 'coughing crunches' I have done make my gym membership unnecessary?

7. Who are 'the experts' that write all the information in our dossier packet...the experts that put a 'fear' bend into adoption and make new adoptive parents wonder if they could possibly adopt. I seriously wonder if they ever met my God.

8. When will spring come?

9. I seriously need to get out of this house!


Lovella said...

Oh Kimmie .. I hear you.
Now about the cough, I read on someone else blog to smear Vicks vaporub on the bottom of your feet and then wear socks to bed. She claims it works.

We have a dear friend that has just beguan the process to adopt from Ethiopia as well. It is such an arduous task .. so rediculous ..

Cindy said...

Oh, I'm sorry, friend. Could you maybe get a prescription cough syrup? I had a horrible cough one year and that was the only thing that did the trick.

All the adoption work and headache and fear will be SOOO worth it. Love to you!

Shawnda said...

Oh, Kimmie!! : ( I'm SO sorry you are feeling so awful! And the adoption thing, I can totally see how it can be a discouragement!!! : (

May our LORD lift you up because He is the Father of the fatherless...He knows every child waiting for their family...and He knows the very child He has chosen for your family...before there was time! May you rest in His sovereignty as you fill out all the crazy paperwork!!!

I'm so sorry I haven't responded to your email...it meant so much to hear from you, but it's been crazy here....I will reply SOON!

much love!

praying for your family to be well....and praying for your paperwork to go quickly and smoothly so you can bring God's chosen one home!

javamamma said...

I've been coughing for a just a few days now. Sorry to hear yours has been dragging on for so long.

I definitely think you are negating some gym work with all the ab work you are getting!

Christin said...

Oh girl! We need to find some cough meds that work for you. something homeopathic, maybe? Like honey and whiskey.

Okay, so I just called my mom, who laughed when I asked her about it. She said the honey and whiskey blend was some concoction a friend gave her. She doesn't do well (or like) alcohol, but she said it "knocked her out". But apparently for her friend's unrelenting cough, it worked.

so if you get REAL desparate.

And yes, I promise I don't normally push the booze. *wink*

Greta Jo said...

Oh Kimmie- I am right there with you. I keep thinking if I move to Fla. would I still get the flu.? My head is screaming and my nose will not stop running....
I hope you feel better soon.

jennifer said...

Aw Kimmie. All I can say is Vick's Salve. It has saved us from sleep deprevation. I hope you feel better soon and I wish you huge amounts of love and luck with the adoption - Jen

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh Kimmie...I hope your cough goes away soon..so sorry!

I will pray that filling out all that paperwork pays off for you...

HandsRaisedToHeaven said...


This sounds awful!

Have you tried the Vicks on your feet with socks? What about a vaporizor? My husbands likes to drink "glug" 1-2T honey, and 1-2T apple cidar vinegar (heat it up and stir) then fill the glass with water. He said it helps his throat.

3 dossiers??!! I had no idea that you didn't get your dossiers back. I'm so sorry. That must be incredibly frustrating. It will be worth all the pain and difficulties when you're holding your new little one in your arms.

Praying for healing,

Bobbie-Jo said...

Those are deep thoughts! It doesn't sound like your winter is so hushed right now! *hack*cough*hack*

I'm so sorry to hear about such a wicked cough, but I am jealous of the abs...there must be a better way, though?! How are the kiddos feeling?

I'll add your health to my prayer list. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you are sick, and that the adoption process is so frustrating.

I wish I could give you a hug and feed you a pot of chicken soup.


julie said...

Hi Kimmie,

I hope you are feeling better soon.

I couldn't agree with you more on #8. We have hit a couple of road blocks in the last few days and are feeling a little weary.

I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control and I need to chill out.

Hope the cough is all gone soon,

Ashley Winters said...


I have had some terrible coughs over the past few years. My recommendations are putting the vaporizer in your room every night, using Vicks vaporub on your chest, a thin layer and then placing your heating pad on top and finally, trying a product called Clear Lungs, sold at your local health food store. It does work! Hope you feel better soon!

Jenni said...

Oh Kimmie! I'm sorry you're still coughing...YES it can be extremely aerobic! Anaerobic? At any rate, it'll make your muscles sore, I know that much.

There is no current documentation on heads popping off, however. So you're probably safe there.

Hoping you get out of the house and into some sunshine soon!

Kimmie said...

Thanks so much for all the helpful healing advice...I have to say that I used all of them, except Christin's honey and whiskey treatment (thanks for calling your mom, that was so sweet!) I will definitely put that to use, as truly holistic is my leaning. Christin, should I use equal parts of honey to whiskey?

My family swears by the honey and apple cider vinegar...we always have a jar of this in our fridge...first sign of sore throat and we start taking it by the tablespoon.

Raw garlic is my Papa's Hungarian treatment...I throw some diced raw into soup when I'm ready to eat it (cook the soup, dish it out, sprinkle with fresh diced garlic). My kids eat cloves whole, just for fun...strange, I know.

The cough is getting better, I was able to go to church this morning (yeah!). We have a low key week- Monday night I have a sign language class...but everything else is open, due to the public school vacation (so no dance or bible studies this week).

Thanks again for your prayer, kind words and love. They were so appreciated and I am thankful for each of you!


Nomad said...

Hi Kimmie,

I have been lurking for a while, I am so impressed with your devotion and your commitment to your calling. I have such a respect for your faith, you are an inspiration, and I really envy yor courage and commitment to adopt so may kids! WOW is all I can say!

I am so sorry you are ill, it is no fun.

Go the the Doctor, sounds like Pneumonia or bronchitis...I have taken inhaled steroids for a brutal cough as a last result and it was the only thing that worked...after months of no healing
Take care, be well, and rest.

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