Feb 10, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday

Thanks for stopping by today, last night as I was coughing my head off, God and I were talking, I asked Him what He wanted me to do in today's Prayer Request Posting. He had some very specific direction for us today-will you join me?

A few months back I met a sweet woman named Sondra, (Real Honest Life-unscripted- With Teenage Boys), she popped over as we met through a mutual blogfriend. Sondra asked for prayer back in November and has had a physical struggle going on for quite a while now. Well, last night, God told me to ask you if we could all pray for Sondra this week, if we could cover her in prayers, love and encouragement. Sondra is a warm, kind, tender hearted girl and I think she will be so blessed knowing that her Father was wanting to touch her and have her family (us) rally around her.

Please pop over to Sondra's blog and leave her a love note, when God gives you something to encourage her with, please DO!!!!! Kind words, do so much to a hurting soul. Please tell her why you'e popping in, as we want her to KNOW that she is on our hearts and that our Father sent us for such a time as this.

Please, if I could pray for you in any way, leave me a comment or send me an email (see my sidebar), I will gladly add you to my prayer journal and take your hearts cry to God's throne room.

God loves you and so wants to spend time with you this week-let's go!


Greta Jo said...

Kimmie, Once again Thank you for the gift. Please pray for Carson this week. He has not been his happy self for the last three days. I pray its 'just his teeth' breaking through.

Thanks for your prayers.

Sondra said...

Oh, Kimmie that is so sweet of you! It was so wonderful to see the comment you left me. I will be seeing a special doctor this week and I have been praying this would be the one to help me, so it was so touching to see your post for me. You are such a wonderful friend.

Anonymous said...


I’m so excited for you as I read of how God has directed your hearts to Ethiopia. I know that the past few months have been so heart wrenching for you. But God!! And now I will pray that He will prepare your hearts and the heart of this African Baby (ies) for your family!


Amrita said...

Prayed for Sondra right away. God has healed me to a great extent and He can do the same for others.

Jenn said...

Kimmie- if you haven't already tried it- rub Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet before you go to bed and cover them with socks. It works, I do it on my little girl. It will hopefully give you the good night of sleep that you probably desperately need.

And I will keep Sondra and her family in my prayers.

Jill said...

Please continue to pray for us to find an adoption match,and about guidance on which route to take,foster,domestic,straaight adoption.Also I am struggling with panic attacks and anxiety that I would like to be rid of once and for all.

Christin said...

Are you feeling better? Get any rest without that coughing? Hope so!


Kimmie said...

Thank you Jenn...I am a big believer in Vic's Vapor Rub. My 5 year old kept asking my why I smelled so good, lol. I did try some on my feet, me mum always did that when we were REALLY sick, but I had only opted for under my nose and my chest prior to your reminder (thanks, hug!)

Last night was awful, I coughed hard most of the night. Today I was able to take a one hour nap, before the coughing started up again.

My knight came home with an arsonal of meds from the pharmacy-he said he had to refinance the house for the Mucinex. ;-) Hoping that tonight is good sleep.

Christin, thanks for asking how I was feeling. Nice to know that my friends care about me.


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