Feb 24, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday

Good day friends!

Hope this finds you well and that God is doing great things in your lives. It looks to be a beautiful day, my Knight is heading out with the kids to go sledding. They went yesterday and now have the bug for more, as here in New England we got a fresh powdering of the white stuff on Friday. Me, well I am still not myself...just when I think I am feeling better-it swings around and whacks me again. Truly I am sick of it, let's not talk about it anymore though.

Could you please remember my friend Sondra in prayer again, she thinks the new doctor has found what has been bothering her. It will be a big change in her life, as well as a possible job change. I am sure she could use a kind word and more prayer, drop by her blog and leave her a note ;-)

Can I pray for anyone this week? I'd love to cover you in prayer, remember there is nothing to big or small for our God.

I pray blessing over each of you, that God would increase you and that you would sense His presence in your lives. A touch from God is our hearts desire, Holy Spirit come!


Christine said...

What a beautiful heart you have. This post blessed me today. Thank you.

Rachel said...

For my children and husband as I will be away from this week for work. I praise God daily for my husband, who has been so strong over the past few months as work has taken me away from home. And a little prayer for mommy...as I will miss them like crazy!

Thank you for the beautiful post.

Penless Thoughts said...

Trust you will soon be 100%.

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