Feb 26, 2008

Show and Tell...the nitty gritty look inside

He is a nosy little kitten, probably wondering where I stashed his wee baby bottle. (yes, I am still dropper feeding him. Yes, he is 5 months old. I know, but he is my 'hairy baby,' until God sends me a human one. You should probably "up" your prayers for me ;-)

I guess I must be VERY sick, as I actually thought this was a great idea for a post. Something tells me that it probably is less exciting than I think, but I so think that you can tell a great deal of someone by looking at what they eat and into their home. Mind you, I was sick about 2 weeks and this is one of our two refrigerators (the kitchen one), so it is a little sparse on fruits and veggies, which is a huge staple to our diets. But, eh, have a peak around at what a family of 8 eats.

The reason I started snapping pictures into my freezer was that I had never seen it so empty. With me not shopping for 3 full weeks, beside one stop at a gas station -on the way home from a drop off to dance class-I grabbed a jug of whole milk. My Knight thought I was strange, but eh, he married me, so he probably had a clue about that revelation a while back, right?

25 lbs of cranberry granola (food co-op)

I normally shop at Sam's Club (a warehouse food club), a big trip every month, with smaller trips weekly. I also belong to a food co-op, where I order $200-$300 worth of yummy natural foods once a month. (with a pick-up off the 18 wheeler on Saturdays...HEY, while I got your attention can you join me in praying the Co-op off of Saturday! We got moved by the company 4 months ago and we all are miserable!)

This is not very neat, but in reality, sometimes junk like this happens. With the best of intentions to be orderly, well sometimes it slips by me and becomes 'life on the edge of chaos.' It could be worse, right?

When God sent us the 3 wee ones last year, it forced us into the realization that one refrigerator was no longer sufficient. So now we have a second (free-cycled) in the garage, along with a full stand-up freezer.

Yes, that is a lot of food, just the way I like it.

I have to admit, that the very next day we went to Sam's Club and we spent $446.90, our highest shopping trip ever! Not sure if I was desperate to get out of the house, after being sick so long, or if we just really ran low on everything? Hmm, how's your fridge looking?


Jodi said...

This made me laugh, because the other day I drafted a post sharing my spring cleaning to-do list, which I thought was a great idea at the time, but afterward thought, "Hmmmm...is this really the most exciting thing I can come up with? Because I fear we might be verging on downright boring here."

But the truth is that it's so fun to see pictures of your fridge! Hey, grocery shopping and meal planning is what a mama's week revolves around, so it's nice to hear what other people are doing. :)

Emily said...

Wow, the $450 grocery trip....ouch. I think I've done $350 at Costco, but man...did it just make you wanna cry?

and put down the hairy baby and step away from his tiny bottle.

God's got bigger plans for you. (that don't meow)

Anonymous said...

Just went to Costco and spent $317 and was so excited because it was actually the lowest that I've spent for our newly increased family in a while. Course it might of had something to do with having 3 little ones in with me and no older child to push another cart! Had to go because I was completely out of veggies and fruits. Not good. We opted for a second freezer, but sometimes I do wish I had more fridge space for stuff like milk.

Kimmie said...

Hi Koe

Not sure if you know this, but you can freeze milk...we do it in the plastic bottles...just take out for expansion and then freeze those babies up. :-)

I highly recommend trying to free cycle another refrigerator. The one we got was in great shape, they were just upgrading.

Emily...no I didn't want to cry, I just wanted to get home and EAT! ;-) Sorry, can't step away from my 'Hairy Son.' Our Guatemalan adoption fell through and he is what God sent, so 'Hairy Son,' it is (for now ;-) lol.


Joni said...

Oh Kimmie! I just couldn't do the Marmite while away. I tried, I really did, but eeeewwwww! I suppose you like the marmite flavored chips as well? I do so miss McVities Digestives and P&G tips, though!

the mother of this lot said...

We have a second fridge and freezer in the garage too - jumbo size!

I've left you an award at my blog.

Jill said...

We eat the same organic yogurt,it comes in strawberry too.I'll have to see if I'm brave enough to post my fridge now?Not sure about that one.

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
I love this post, it's Reality Blogging! I actually cleaned my fridge out just today. I love looking in there and everything is neat and tidy. Have a great Wednesday!
Love, Velvia

Renae said...

Oh Kimmie! I just hopped over here from the Mother's Pride blog, and we have sooooo much in common! I have one home-made and one adopted. We homeschool. But, sad to say, I have more frozen dinners in my freezer. :-) I am very impressed with your contents.

Blessings to you, dear sister!


Renna said...

I clicked on the pics to zoom in and get a better looksie. Yes, I felt like a bit of a snoop, but you did post them. ;-)

I'm not familiar with Marmite. Most of the brands (if not all) of food were unfamiliar to me. I always find it interesting the differences in foods in different parts of the country.

We also have a second fridge for the garage, as well as a chest freezer. The garage fridge is nice for storing condiments and items we don't use as often.

I'm afraid I'd have to clean my fridge up a bit before I'd be willing to let others peer into it. ;-Þ

Anonymous said...

Our fridge is looking fairly empty, according to the kids that is, as far as I'm concerned there is food enough until the weekend.
Carolyn x

Tracy said...

Forget the frig...I'm stuck back on the granola. It looks so yummy!

Your freezer looks like mine at the end of our weeks before the big shopping trip. God is so good, we always seem to get our big snow storms right AFTER I have done a big shopping. I love that because I feel "stocked" and ready!

Glad you are feeling better enough at least to hit the stores!

Penless Thoughts said...

Even with just 2 of us, I have a back-up frig in the garage and a upright deepfreeze. Don't know how I'd do without them. What I like best is being able to "stock up" on the sale items. Also, when a big family dinner or entertaining comes around I have room to put stuff as I get it prepared to serve. $450 I would faint!!!!

Felicia said...

Kitty looks mighty interested in whats going on there :)

javamamma said...

I thought this was a way fun post. Maybe I'll pull out my camera. My fridge is so not as exciting or stuffed as yours though -and I just went {2 week} shopping last night.

Sniz said...

I guess I'm really ignorant because I don't know what is marmite is!

Kimmie said...

Marmite:taken from Wikpedia

Marmite (pronounced [/ˈmɑːmaɪt/]) is the name given to two similar food spreads, a British version produced in the United Kingdom and South Africa and the other in New Zealand. Marmite is made from yeast extract, a by-product of beer brewing, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The British version of the product is a sticky, dark brown paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour. Being both extremely salty and extremely umami, the taste of Marmite is comparable to soy sauce. This distinctive taste is reflected in the British company's marketing slogan: "Love it or hate it." It is similar to the Australian Vegemite and Swiss Cenovis. Bovril is a similar-looking spread made from beef-extract.


Kimmie said...

I'd bet some would want to know how I use it...

well, I use it as a sandwich spread (thinly)- with sharp cheddar cheese, yum. Vegetarians like it, as it is HIGH in B vitamins.

I also use it to make soups and sauces. It is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Of course you could make a chips (french fries) and marmite mix, but you might have to have British blood flowing through your veins for this one. :-) YUM!


julie said...

I loved snooping in your fridge. Very fun.

I just made a $400.00 run to Sam's Club myself. We were really low on food too.

We also have a fridge and freezer in the garage, however, they are both a mess. I really need to get out their and clean them out.

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Stephen's mom is British and loves Marmite on toast for breakfast....I'm not British and just looking at the "stuff" makes me feel a tiny bit sick! :) It is fun to see what other families eat!!


ConservaChick said...

Your fridge looks like mine (minus the marmite). We belong to a health food co-op too (Azure standard). Good stuff.

I had to laugh at the hairy baby comment. I'd love another baby, but the husband says NO. Anyway the other day I caught myself talking baby talk to the cat while rocking him. Ha! I've officially gone crazy. The poor cat.

Hey, I know you are a "Prayer Warrior" would you mind praying for my daughter Lilly? She has been sick most of Jan and March (with various things)... and I'd love to see good health restored. Thanks ~K

mycrazylife said...

I should have known there would be some Shady Glen ice cream in there! But yes, it does look rather empty. Good thing you had 25lbs. of granola!

Michelle said...

My mouth watered when I saw your cranberry granola. It was my favorite and what I always ordered until my children got a taste of strawberry. Now that they have an opinion, majority rules and I am forced to buy their favorite. I tell people that you know you have a large family when you buy cereal 25# at a time!

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