Mar 7, 2008

Homeschool fun activity links

Just for fun, I thought I'd post a few homeschool links that we recently are enjoying. My three wee ones are almost done with their 'books' that we purchased last year at the Christian Homeschool Convention (curriculum too), so I have been searching the internet to add to what we are currently learning. My youngest(4) is just starting with letters and sounds, my next two (5,6) are moving out of Kindergarten material and into some first grade level things.

We are keeping things simple here this year. We accomplished more than I expected and I need to keep the three wee ones moving along, or the older three can't focus on their studies with the hoopla that quickly occurs if my triplets (King Meemer, King Bonkie and Princess Giggles) aren't occupied.

Here is a link to a custom made minibook (scroll down a custom stories...we did the God made Me ones). You can customize them ! Earlier in the year our Princess Giggles enjoyed the girl addition (no boy ones then). I think my boys will enjoy the little details I included.

Deep down I think I am British, I found this fun site and the chap that is the 'blender,' has a lovely British accent. Check out the Wordblender game.

Prince Bonkie (4) still needs some more repetition with writing his letters. He does pretty good, but I think a little more practice will be helpful.

I also printed out a heap of pages from this generous site. Worksheets aren't the norm of what we do, but I think it will be a nice little add on, I know the kids will have fun with!


Shawnda said...

Thanks for sharing! These are great!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to come back when the kiddos are sleeping and sort through these!

Cocoa said...

Love the homeschool links. I'm always looking for more ideas to use with the littlies. Thanks for stopping by my pretty tote tutorial!

javamamma said...

We're not homeschooling anymore but I see a few things I'm going to print off! Thanks for sharing.

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