Mar 2, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday

I find this to be a breath deep kind of day, how about you?

We are up to our eyeballs in paperwork (gee, I should get a picture of that, eh?) for our adoption-we sat at the local police station yesterday waiting to get finger printed, can you say AGAIN? Well, due to the snowstorm, can you say sodonewithSNOW, the trooper was called out of the office and though we waited for over an hour, we never were able to hook up. So looks like an adventure for Monday, my poor Knight will have to work it into his work day now. The good news is that they said they can turn it around in 5 days, that is good. We can't get a number on the waiting list until we have our dossier completed. I can't begin to explain how this feels, as this is our third paperwork go around for this same adoption. I do believe paperwork is of the devil, but I think I have gotten off of my point. Today is the day I get YOUR prayer requests....

Do you want me to pray for you? Anything heavy on your heart? I'd be happy to wrap you in prayer and deliver you right to God's throne in heaven ;-) And if you happen to stop by here and don't know God...haven't accepted Jesus (God's only Son) as your Lord and Savior...Please, please, PLEASE let me pray for you. I would be honored to introduce you to my Jesus. Don't put it off either, today is the day of salvation, grab it, claim it, accept it, get it and walk in the fullness of it, TODAY. It is a gift (salvation) and it is free-you can't earn it, Jesus did the whole thing for you, He paid the price in full. Your part is to confess that you are a sinner, that you need Him and want Him in your life- come on, I double dog dare you!

I continue to pray for all of you who have asked me to stand with you. If you got any answers on your end, please let us know, we'd like to celebrate with you. I could use a little rejoicing, my heart is heavy with adoption waiting.

Be blessed and KNOW that you are precious to God. He has great things for your life, let us be Kingdom rocker's and let's influence this world for His Kingdom. My prayer is to be a woman of influence, in bigger and bigger capacity-wanna pray for the same?
2 Chronicles 6:40"Now, O my God, I pray, let Your eyes be open and Your ears attentive to the prayer {offered} in this place.


Anonymous said...

Please pray for sweet C.L., a teenage friend who struggles with depression and self-injury. My heart is heavy for her.

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
I want to be a woman of influence also, I want others to see Jesus in me and desire a relationship with Him for themselves. I've had people in my life who have been such great role models and watching their lives made me want more of Jesus! I would love for you to pray that God will use me in that way.

By the way, I have been doing some research trying to learn more about this whole blogging thing and I've been using your site as a reference. So, if you see my URL show up a lot, I'm not stalking you, I'm learning from you! LOL
Love, Velvia

Taylor Design said...

Kimmie, I can't remember if I've ever commented before but I read your blog often and feel blessed to have "found" you. Please pray for my husband and myself who just lost our baby at 9 weeks. The doctor said it just stopped growing at 7 weeks. We are devastated and are hopeful to start trying again but we could use all the prayer we can get. Thank you and God bless.

Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) Just popping in with Sunday hugs. I hope that you have a lovely week! Love, Q

Greta Jo said...

Dear Kimmie- I will continue to pray for your adoption journey. What a journey it will be... each step of the way you will see the Lord's hands at work. AMEN!

Bobbie-Jo said...

Hi Kimmie,

I have no requests today, just praise for our Lord. We just finished a fabulous Mission Fest at our Church, my glorious hubby listened to me and calmed my emotions this afternoon and I am resting in God's will for my nephew. Plus we prepare this week for a family holiday!

I will be praying for you, and I am already, that you will all experience health and a quick adoption, all in His time.

Your friend,

Rachel said...

I will continue to pray for you and your family as well as a smooth process throughout your adoption. I ask that you please help me lift my precious friend "L" in prayer as she does not have a relationship with Christ and is quite hardened to him. She has lost two family members over the past week in separate accidents and I worry so much about her. Please pray if you feel so led.

julie said...

I totally agree. Paper work is of the devil. That's all there is to it.

Stephanie said...

After seeing you comment on several of the blogs I read, I finally decided to come over and say hello! I am blessed by your post today!
If you would, please pray for my husband and me. We are trying to pray through an adoption. When to start, whether we should wait until this or that is done first. I am more than ready to start NOW, but my husband is still praying about it. And we have to decide a country, agency, etc. This will be our first adoption and I am so excited, but fearful of the unknown at the same time. I just know God has a child out there for me somewhere. We just need his guidance as to where and when. Thank you so much!
And I will definitely pray for your paperwork to be completed soon! I can only imagine...

Rockin' Granola said...

You are are amazing, has anyone told you that lately? Inspiration abounds whenever I visit here :-)

You will be in my prayers (hopefully today you are fingerprinted successfully ... and I don't get to wish that to people very often LOL)

My prayer request ... for a healthy, happy pregnancy in this final trimester.

Best Wishes!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh Kimmie! I will for sure be praying for YOU!

Shawnda said...

We are praying for YOU!!!!! I long to see you with the baby the Lord has created to be YOURS!!! : ) May He give much grace to get through this paperwork!!!

emily said...

What a precious little discovery for me today. I found you from your comment on my sil's blog- A Long Way from the Theta House!

We are also a homeschooling crew, waiting on our referral for sibs from Ethiopia. Praying your paperwork comes together quickly. We are trusting in Him for His perfect timing- we are over the 1-6 month window that we were told to expect from our agency. This is just a great opportunity to see how He does all things for our good and His glory:)

Nunnie's Attic said...

Kimmie I stumbled to my computer this morning with you on my mind. I hope and pray that all this hassle will soon come to fruition. I will continue to pray and lift you up to our loving God. And I can't tell you what your continued prayers for our family mean to me. I know that I am where I'm supposed to be...


Letitia said...

I pray you got your fingerprints done this week, and they rush through quickly.
I do have a prayer request. Please pray for my blog friend, Denise. She is an adoptive mom of 4, and at least 3 of them have physical issues. The main problem at this point is that none of them are sleeping. They are up crying and having nightmares, etc. all through the night~~all 4 of them. Denise rarely gets more than 15 or 20 min of sleep at a time. She has come to the end of her rope, especially since she has her own severe physical struggles. She needs sleep. I also feel that this is a spiritual battle as well. The enemy is at work, I believe, to keep her sick and exhausted, attempting to defeat her.
Thanks so much.

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