Mar 16, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday

Hi friends! Hope all is well with you. Can I pray for you this week? Do you have a need or do you know someone who has a need. Please let me know and feel free to share that I am praying over here on Sunday's (well, in reality I'm am praying all week as God leads ;-) , but Sunday is the day to stop by and join the fun.
I am so excited that we have a PRAISE report, Nehemiah went from saying a few words, to becoming a little 'talker!!!'...I am going to cut and paste from last week's Prayer Request comments, so I have it word for word perfect. If you want to meet the family head over to their blog at 3 Little Munchkins.
My husband and I were just talking about Nehemiah and how much he is talking right now. I told him that I wrote to you asking for you to pray with us for his speech and the more I thought about it the more I realized that his vocabulary was building beginning when I asked you for prayer. :) So PRAISE REPORT!! God is doing amazing things in Nehemiah! We were driving along a busy road today and Nehemiah was chatting away in the backseat...and we understood what he was saying! He was naming all the things he saw out his window. "Look a dragon! ooh! an apple! See? a sign?" It was beautiful to hear him speak. Thank you for praying with us!
Can someone say-Glory to God!
You're next, come on now-don't you want to be blessed by God too! Of course you do...and please, please, please...if you get an answer from God, come back so we can celebrate together!!
2 Chronicles 6:40"Now, O my God, I pray, let Your eyes be open and Your ears attentive to the prayer {offered} in this place.


Anonymous said...

Would you please pray for my husband? He has to travel this week out of state for a very important meeting/interview that he has been waiting and preparing for for two years. He is a very even-keeled, easy going guy, but this two day interview is really putting fear into him. He is a Believer, so he has been praying a lot more lately :-), but I would really appreciate prayer from a prayer warrior like you!

If this interview/interrogation goes well, he will be promoted and will have more time to be with us and will have more time to help with homeschooling - which he is looking forward to. It will also lead to an out of state transfer, which we welcome as we are in a terrible neighborhood.

Please pray for clarity of thought and fluidity of speech in his answers to their rapid fire questions. Pray he can recall things with amazing detail!

Thank you SO VERY much for your willingness to pray for us.

God bless you, KH

lori said...

My first visit here and what a WONDERFUL family you've got!!
What a neat place!!

I'll poke around a bit more, but I'm sure glad that I stopped over!

Have a blessed day!

Jill said...

I wanted to ask for prayer but missed the Sunday post,a very exciting situtation has occured.And its is only through Gods creative hand that it is happening.Please pray for the Grandparents who may choose us to privetly adopt their absent daughters children that they are raising,they are exhausted and need peace about us as being the best match.We have that peace,but are praying that all will go smoothly,court dates,court fees,our 1st meeting which may be march 29th.Please pray for us to all get along,and do what is best for the kids.

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
I'm a couple of days late requesting prayer also, but I really need God's wisdom and direction for homeschooling. As you know, we have been praying about next year and what He would have us do concerning school for our youngest. We do feel like God is leading us to continue homeschooling, but I feel as though I am not making the progress I need to be. Our daughter has learning difficulties and I find myself getting so frustrated with the lack of progress that I am putting more pressure on myself and her than is
necessary. I need to let go and let God guide my steps each day and just release it all to Him. I would appreciate your prayers more than you know!
Love, Velvia

Anonymous said...

Thank you for praying for my husband! His interview went well. He received the promotion. Now we are awaiting an out of state transfer!
The state the probably will send us to is Nebraska. I found out yesterday that they have double the property tax and income tax of where we currently live. It's not definite yet, though. We're praying we will be sent exactly where the Lord would want us to, regardless of our feelings about the place we go.
Thanks, Kimmie, for your willingness to pray for my family! I'm continuing to pray for your baby(ies) in Ethiopia!
God bless you,

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