Mar 24, 2008

Resurrection Day-non-typical celebration


What are they looking at?
A kite, though it turns out that actually, they were looking at a kite in the NEXT tree. (which I didn't take a picture of) but my baby brother felt the need to try to get it down and liberate it.

Which makes more sense, because even with liberation, this kite was pretty much done.

Rachael, my kindred spirit- looks so calm, considering that the love of her life is dangling 30 feet over our heads and bark is falling like mad. Yup, we are into doing our own thing, right Rae?!

Crusty bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar (making a funny face).

When faced with a dilemma this Easter, my sister-in-law and I put our heads together. We put our heads together for so long on the phone, that my brother decided (;-) that we should go to the beach.

My mom hasn't been feeling well and told us to "do our own thing," this year.
So, being the hardy Hungarians (and Czechoslovakians, Rachael) that we are- we donned many layers and headed for the salty air with plenty of non-traditional food in tow. After all, 'kids don't mind the cold,' was my dear brothers reasoning.

I was highly sceptical, I announced to my brother that I thought he was trying to kill us- to which he replied, "Are you Hungarian, or are you not?"

As we landed at our beautiful destination, we were pleasantly surprised that we were not alone AND that it was a lovely day to be out on an Easter picnic. At days end, we decided it was the best Easter ever and that the change may become permanent-well unless it snows or rains...though I am Hungarian (JOE), I am not crazy.

Be still my heart, SEA GLASS!
Rachael and I swinging-we must be crazy!

I'll add, that we celebrated Jesus' resurrection from the dead, together at church and then headed to the ocean to freeze feast.

Hope you enjoyed your day of celebration-Jesus lives!


Stacy said...

Wow! You guys are impressive-- braving the cold with a PICNIC!

Loved seeing the pics of Rachael. :)

You're so much fun!


julie said...

That looked like a wonderful celebration. I think I might take your idea and load our gang up for the beach next year.

Shawnda said...

That looks like an amazing day!!! Happy Easter, dear sister!

Nomad said...

What a lovely post and gorgeous photos!

Your family is gorgeous too!

Thanks for sharing and a Happy EAster to you too!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a lovely day!...we had snow...:-(

Greta Jo said...

What a great Easter 2008 memory. I hope your Mom is feeling better Kimmie.

Christin said...

I LOVE this post. I felt like I was there. ...can't wait for my fam's trip to the beach. though we'll probably go when we don't have to wear ten layers of clothing. *wink*

Renna said...

What a beautiful location! I so envy those who live near enough to pretty places to visit. It looks like great fun was had by all! :-)

javamamma said...

Despite the weather - that looks lovely! My hubby is a huge fan of olive oil & am I. I just started making some amazing bread (Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes) and wowsers...what a combo!

Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful celebration. Looks like you all made some great memories.

Amanda said...

Wow. Wow. Great photos. Bless you all!


Tracy said...

I love it! How fun! It does look cold, but at least you don't have so much snow that there are STILL people out snowmobiling! (yes, we do) Glad you had a nice time!

Sondra said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. What a great new tradition to start with your family!

Mycrazylife said...

I loved the pictures! And what a beautiful place! I can't believe I have never been. Shocking actually.
Glad you had a blessed day. I thought you were all crazy, but you know I *need* warmth. I am a weanie.

Amrita said...

this was real fun and celebration

Ashley Winters said...

Looks like your family had a great adventure. Your love kept you warm that day!

UKBob said...

I like the pics and enjoyed your day out. I had to smile at the sign saying not to swim, seeing you all in those jackets I don't think it would ever enter my head-BRRR. LOL!

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