Apr 11, 2008

Boiled Sweets on a stick Mum

While in London on the Tube, a few years back, we overheard this conversation.

Old woman to a young man in his early 20's.

Old woman: "What is that?" (referring to a pin/button on his jacket)

Young man: "Oh that, it is just a boiled sweet mum." (a candy)

And by the way, the British love their sweets-Cadbury machines are in every Tube station, for a quick sweet tooth lift. Now, normally I am not a sweet girl, but plop me in London and I cast all care away with my hypoglycemia...give me a bag of wine gums and call me a happy girl. (and for the curious, there is no wine in wine gums...follow the link to educate yourself on wine gums-this site is so cute!)


Emily said...

not only are the lollipops funny....your son's shirt is hilarious.

WHO bought him such a thing? hmmmmm? Could it have been you?

Bobbie-Jo said...


I love wine gums too.

Your kids are just too stinkin' cute.

Tracy said...

Never heard of those before, but boy do those lolly pops look GOOD!


Joni said...

LOVE wine gums. And English toffee. Miss so much from there, including the little mom and pop candy stores that abound.

KOSTAS said...

Still I remember.
When I was 9-10 years my father took for me a similar candy, he liked because it was sweet and had colours!
Very good the photographs with small angels!

Sondra said...

Love those lolly pics! :) I have never heard of wine gums. They look like a juju bead or something.

Rachel said...


UKBob said...

Oh Kimmie - shame on you talking about wine gums, now I want some!!!

BethPie said...

Awww! What sweeties you have!

I'm intrigued by the wine gums, now (I love sweets all the time).

Thank you for the encouraging comment on my blog. You're a sweetie, too!

Nunnie's Attic said...

My dear sweet Kimmie,
Thank you so much for still checking in on me and for all of your prayers. We still need them (and always will.) I think of you when I go to work and see how many of the children in daycare come from unhappy homes. I just know how much greater their lives could be in your hands. I pray for you all of the time and I know that God is listening. Keep the faith, darling. I love you!


Amrita said...

such a sweet post. The Bristish sweet shops are well known. I wish i could have one.

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