Apr 14, 2008

Moving away from the plastic

I have been searching around in trying to locate non-plastic food storage containers. I am just sick of the accumulated plastic and decided I'd go for some glass (with fitting plastic lids). They have worked great so far. I bought two sets, so 6 glass bowls of stacking sizes-love that!
The only bad part about this switch, is that they are heavier than plastic and a bit bulkier in storing them. However, I like the change and feel better about storing our food in them.
I haven't got rid of all the plastic tupperware, 'want to be's' yet, but their days are numbered. They know it, as I find them huddling together in the back of their alloted cupboard. Perhaps they are plotting how they can push the pretty new glass containers out and position themselves once again at the front of the old Hoosier cabinet.
Oh, and I found them in Target.


Jenny said...

Good idea. What do you do about storing your food in the freezer, longer term? Will you use glass for that too? Just curious.


Expat Mom said...

Ooh, those look great! Far easier to clean after spaghetti sauce, too, I´ll bet. They wouldn´t last long around here, though, not with two tiny guys, tile floors and a concrete sink! :D

Lovella said...

I agree. I have some nearly identical.
I do wonder why there aren't more square glass containers. They would make fridge storage so much more economical.

For my freezer I love the ziploc bags. . .lay them flat and they take no extra room.

Bobbie-Jo said...

What a great idea, and so much healthier. Good for you, Kimmie. Way to simplify.

Amanda said...

And I'm gonna tell you something and make you feel even better. We should never microwave food in plastic because it actually contaminates our food. Gross huh? All the stuff that goes into MAKING plastic goes into US.


God bless-

Ashley Winters said...

Sounds like a good idea and probably good for the environment too.

javamamma said...

those look nice. enjoy your 'plastic free' food!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%!
I have been gradualy making the change from plastics to glass. I too purchased the covered bowls from Target. When we reheat the food in the glass containers the food tastes better:-)

Heather K said...

you're smart to be getting rid of the plastic! I think alot of us have known for a long time that this plastic is bad for us..but our government up here in Canada has finally noticed this as well. They've banned the use of bishphenol-A or BPA in baby bottles to start with and soon will be banning it outright. Apparently it's especially bad for developing infants. I'm so glad to hear they're doing something to get rid of one of the many toxins we come in contact with!
I popped in from someone's comments (don't remember whose) to say hi..your comment mentioned Ethiopian adoption and that caught my eye. I'd love to adopt from Africa..have wanted to since I was a child.
will be checking back on you! :)
take care

Michelle said...

I am conviced I need to replace our plastic storage. I just haven't had a chance to go looking. Thanks for the Target tip. I do some once a month cooking and have switched to glass 9 x 13 pans. (Storage when no longer in the freezer can be a problem!)

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