Apr 19, 2008

Waiting to Dance

My Pirate Jacky(17) behind the desk at dance school.

Five of my six children dance, two different dance schools-one for Irish Step dancing and one for ballet and tap. Today Miss Sunshine (9) is waiting for her class to begin. She forgot her school books at home, so she has been pacing the floors anticipating her younger siblings tap class to dismiss, so she can get busy with her ballet.

Miss Sunshine used to say ballet was her life. Now she likes it, but doesn't claim it as her utmost goal-things change as we grow.
Funny, I never imagined my children would dance, but it has opened relationships that God intended and for that alone, it is worth it!


Anonymous said...

I bet its plenty of music and fun in your home. You have a beautiful family and thanks for stopping by my blog corner. Yes, I clean all of my diapers and it IS a labor of love. I was thinking that exact thing yesterday while dumping one in the toilet. LOL!

Renna said...

I love to see children dance. God put all that energy into them, and to see them flaunt it with abandon is refreshing.

Your girls are so adorable. :-)

Jodi said...

I love dancing little ones! Psalm 149:3 is a special verse to me: "Let them praise his name with dancing..."

Great photos, by the way!

javamamma said...

Fun photos! I love the action one at the end!

Rachel said...

I love the photos...and dance!

Maury said...

Irish dancing...that sounds so cool!

Amrita said...

They are precious rays of sunshine

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