May 22, 2008

The Chapman family could use our prayers

I just learned that Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth have had an awful loss to their family. This family has been such a huge influence in adoption. They have adopted 3 beautiful daughters from China and have poured themselves out to advocate for orphans. My heart just breaks for them.

Yesterday their teenage son accidently struck and killed his 5 year old sister with his car.

Let us lift this family up, that the Hand of God would be upon them and they would know His Power. Our family wept and prayed upon learning of little Maria's death and asked God if He would even raise this child from the dead. Lord, we know that nothing is impossible for You.

Please keep them covered, I can't even imagine their pain.


Lovella said...

Oh Kimmie, we hadn't heard this yet. . how terribly say. Too much sadness in this world.
I'll be praying for them.

Shawnda said...

Dearest Kimmie. My heart is aching today for the Chapman family. I was sick when I first heard the news last night. All day, the Lord has burdened and grieved my heart for this precious family. I just can't imagine. I know God is able to comfort them, I know He is.

Sandy said...

We have prayed the same.

Renata said...

This is so sad. The Chapman family are such an inspiration & we will definitely keep them in our prayers over the coming weeks.

Randi said...

I have been praying about them since I heard of this,. So very sad.

Sondra said...

Yes, Kimmie I was so saddened by this news. I can not imagine the difficult time they are going thru right now.

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
I hadn't heard this tragic news, my family and I will certainly be praying for the Chapmans.
Love, Velvia

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. What a terrible tragedy for that family to bear. I will pray for them.


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