May 23, 2008

Duck, Duck, Goose?

I love kids, they say the cutest things.

Yesterday my son King Meemer (5) came up to me with this question....
"Mama is duct (he pronounced it duck) tape made out of ducks?"
Well, my beautiful son maybe just for today, as what you asked is just too precious.


Jamie said...

I love the things kids say. Looks like we have some things in common - even some of the clip art decorating our blogs! So I just wanted to stop in and say hi!

Renna said...

How adorable. I used to love watching Art Linkletter's (yes, I'm that old) "Kids say the darndest things". It's so true! ;-)

Tracey said...

I see from your side bar that you adopted most of your kids from foster care. You are a saint!!! We tried that but it didn't work for us...we are now adopting through an agency...all paperwork done and hopefully we'll get chosen by this summer. I wish you the best...God Bless!

Renata said...

How cute!! Don't kids bring so much fun & laughter to our lives!

Randi said...

What a cutie! And a funny one besides!

Lil_Birdie said...

Kids say the cutest things :)
He's adorable and so is the rest of your family .

Much luck with the two you are still waiting for ... what am saying luck has nothing to do with it ... in Gods time they will come , be patient ;) he's getting the right ones ready .
Many blessings

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