May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

A few things that I am thankful for:For my country and for my mother's husband David who served in Vietnam

For a kitten who was sent by God and still loves his daily baby bottle of milk.

For a blonde blue eyed daughter.

For the crazy 120 lb. doggy and for the firepit I found by the side of the road.

For friendships arranged by God

For days you can take your daughters best friend with you, to enjoy dipping toes into a stream.

For kids that love animals.

For our cabin in the woods.

For a man who has a heart for children, no matter how long we may hold them.

For sweet little boys who say they love me because I am 'soft.'

For a daughter who wants to be a good mother someday.

For a strong boy who sometimes throws me just for fun.

For children who love the great outdoors and beg to go outside. I love that we homeschool and have the freedom to take our lessons outdoors.


Hope you fellow Americans enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. It is always nice to be able to stop and give thanks for our great country and the lives of those who have served to make our country great.

I am thankful for my freedom and liberties as an American. These were freedoms that my Hungarian father did not have, as his homeland was overtaken by Russia and he lived under communist rule. Nothing about that made him or the other Hungarians happy, as I remember all of his stories that he told me. How he loved this beautiful country. How I miss him, hard to believe that 17 years have gone by since I last held him or heard his thick Hungarian accent.

Did I ever tell you his name was Laszlo? I love that name.

We enjoyed our day together as a family and how I thank God for all He has given me.


Eric and Michelle said...

I found your blog today and really, really enjoyed this post. I also enjoyed your profile. I would love for you to visit my blog sometime. Who knows maybe God will join us as friends :)


Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) What a precious, precious post! Love you, Q

Amrita said...

Hi Kimmie, who wouldn 't be thankful for such blessings, specially the children.
you cabin is like out of fairyland for me.
God bless

i like the mane Lazlo too. Wasn 't a man named Lazlo, a politian too. The name is familier?

Lil_Birdie said...

Much to be greatful for :)

the mother of this lot said...

You certainly have a lot to be thankful for, Kimmie.

Mycrazylife said...

What a beautiful family you have dear friend! And you are very blessed.

Randi said...

So many things to be thankful for. Life is a blessing!

Emily said...

oh my goodness. Tears from nowhere...
Yep, I'm thankful too. I loved the picture of your man and that baby, and your daughter introducing a horse to that bunny....GREAT shots.

Michelle said...

Love your list, Kimmie. I caught up on your posts, since I've been away from blogland for awhile. Congrats on moving up on the adoption list. I am very excited for you!!!

I'm doing fine here. Thanks for checking in on me!


julie said...

What wonderful Blessings you have!!!

Letitia said...

Precious pictures.

UKBob said...

Hi Kimmie, what nice pictures. I love the cabin in the woods - I want one! I think you're right to home school the children, at least you know what is being put in their heads. I sat listening to a teacher when out on the hill a couple of weeks back and the filth that was coming from his mouth was disgusting, he was nothing more than a lazy job and a perfect example as to why kids are turning out the way they are today, it was really sad. Bob.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kimmie...what a most precious post...your photos are very touching...
Blessings and Hugs,

Renna said...

That's a beautiful post, Kimmie.

Spring said...

you have an awesome talent in photography, you capture a moment so perfectly!

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