May 14, 2008

Homemade weed killer

After pondering how I could make my life easier, I came up with this idea of mixing up some easy-peasy homemade weed-killer. You see I have several brick and stone pathways encircling our home and gardens. I kind of enjoy having skin on my fingers. So in an attempt in not having to rip off any skin, I whipped up this non-toxic weed terminator. Let me tell you my children are cheering, because usually by this time of year I have them positioned along the walkways pulling their fair share of evil weedlings. Now they each have a spray bottle filled with my little solution.
Weed-killer :
needs-empty spray bottle (recycle one or in my case 6), water, white vinegar, a tablespoon or so of dishsoap.
Mix equal parts of vinegar and water (boiling or not), add the soap and kill those weeds.
*Warning, this will also kill your plants, moss and aim carefully.
Keep at it, for as you know those evil weeds will continue to try to overtake you, your sidewalks and well, you get the idea.
When I get to heaven I am going to give a good sideways glance at Adam and Eve...those weeds all happened when they decided it was a good idea to rebel (sin) and take of the fruit that God had clearly told Adam to NOT TOUCH!
And guess what homeschooling moms...this is go at it with a big teaching grin!


Randi said...

I NEED to make this stuff! Thanks, Kimmie!

Expat Mom said...

What a great idea! And chemical free. :D Well, unless the soap has chemicals, I guess.

Kostas said...

Very intelligent, practical and ecological your weedkiller!

carrie said...

good idea! I'm going to have to try that.

and to answer your art question, I did have some schooling but only a few high school and jr college drawing classes. So a little of both.

Jodi said...

Well now...haven't you just gone and outdone yourself! I can't WAIT to try this!!!!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Yes...I saw that in my book from the library...white vinegar is great for a multitude of things!!

Hugs to you Dear Kimmie!

Rachel said...

Thanks for much Kimmie! We can use that!

Letitia said...

It's great to know there is something more natural to kill weeds. Unfortunately, all of my weeds are in the grass. I think if I killed them all I would have a bare yard.

HandsRaisedToHeaven said...

Thanks for the great idea! I whipped up a batch yesterday and sprayed away. Get rid of those weeds!!

Emily said...

Plus, it's so much better for the animals and kiddos to be around it than poison.

Sharon said...

Kimmie THANK YOU for posting this.
This I will use for certain.

Renna said...

Neat idea. Thanks, Kimmie!

A spray bottle filled with water and just a few drops of dish detergent (no vinegar) is also a safe pesticide to spray on plants to kill the harmful bugs on them.

Netter said...

Does that stuff work on Poison Ivy? Every year I have to climb around in the bushes spraying Round-Up on all the poison Ivy before my boss gets into it. He's highly allergic and ends up in the hospital. For some reason, he still doesn't know what the stuff looks like...grrrr. Before the weekend rolls around, I scout out the grape vines, along the front of the bulk head and down the entire property and around the shrubs. I don't like using chemicals. I might just give it a shot. Thanks for posting your recipe!

Kimmie said...

Hi Netter;

I don't think it will kill poison ivy completely...the viney root system will certainly snake its way to a new spot.
I just pull it out by hand (we tried the poison stuff...but it didn't work as well as ripping it out)...but it is not for those who are highly allergic to it. Yikes, that would be nasty.

Do you know anyone with a goat you could borrow? Goats love poison ivy...;-)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Stacy said...

I'm off to fill my spray bottle now!

Thanks, Kimmie!


jung said...

Dear kimmie,

Dandelion is a very good for you to eat. It is considered as medicine in the far east.
I go to the near park and gather them for salads. It is a bit bitter but you can make a nice vinegrette ( add honey ) and try them for salads.
Look them up online for their potency of vitamins and etc.
Rather then considering as weed,
think of them as organic salad for your family fresh out of your yard.

Amrita said...

Great idea Kimmie. We have a huge weed problem. Must try this

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