May 31, 2008

A need to get OUT

Okay, I am taking a day to get out! I've got my comfy British shoes and just need to decide which bag to take...lately I have a fixation with vinyl...not sure where it came from. It seems to scream 'buy me, buy me!'
Oh, how I love the thrift store.
I have also taken a strong liking to old silverware. I find myself picking up 6 spoons here, a set of 4 old tiny forks there.
On Thursday I was at Goodwill and I found 4 old silver serving spoons. They were $2 a piece and I thought they'd be a fine addition, as it seems I am very low on serving spoons. Guess what, I got to the register and the girl asked me if I wanted the WHOLE basket of silverware for $5. This was a no brainer, as the spoons in my hand were going to total $8. She said she had planned to toss them when they came in, so if I was willing they could be mine. I ended up with probably 20 new pieces.
We had to rearrange the silverware drawer, now we have a little space for our unmatched stuff. My kids are giddy. They actually helped refurbish the drawer to make room. They will be perfect to take to the lake or a picnic and I won't lose sleep if one disappears. On second thought, I just might! ;-)
Eclectic, just the way I like it. Matchy-matchy is over-rated.
Have a lovely day yourself. Cheers mates!


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Love the red bag. :) Take a picture of your silverware drawer for us!

Expat Mom said...

I want to see pics of the silverware drawer, too! I agree, matching stuff is highly overrated. :) Especially with kids who tend to lose or break things on a frequent basis.

Letitia said...

Glad you had some great finds. I have to admit I am a first born, everything-has-to-match...ummm...stick in the mud? : ) I'm loosening up in my old age.

cottage remnant said...

I believe you will be needing all the silverware to prepare for your banquet. Your table will be full.

Cindy :0)

jen said...

Shabby Chic...
I love it too. My family uses a mix of old silverware that I got at thrift stores and on ebay.

I love yard sales and thrift stores. Fun!


Amrita said...

Lovely outfit. The woodscapes are very sweet

Renata said...

Definetely the silver bag!!
Love thrift shops & the bargains you find. Hope you had a nice day out!!! & I'm a mix & unmatched silverware person - it still does the job!! (unless of course I'm having a formal dinner & then out comes the good silverware set.)
Keep smiling
Renata :)

javamamma said...

I'm so glad Jesus does actually care about the small stuff and gives us ways to feed our passions! Like silverware and mugs and such. :)

Emily said...

how weird...I love Goodwill AND big serving spoons that are cheap. :)

Renna said...

Wow, Kimmie, what a blessing the silverware was! I love finds like that when I go thrifting. It makes my week. ;-)

Your house is gorgeous!

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