Jun 20, 2008

The dance-practice and recital

Best friends, aren't they cute!

Such a beautiful Pirate!

Aunt Kandie

Waiting for the grand finale!

Our Miss Sunshine

King Meemer-a first year dancer

Princess Giggles her first year in tap too!

They grow up so fast!

King Bonkie who is a non-dancer and our sweet friend who is patiently watching practice.


This post is dedicated to Miss Emily Michael, who is longing to see the zillions of pictures that I shot...she is my Pirate's best friend and a beauty at that, you did a wonderful job Emily!

5 of my 6 children are dancers, this past weekend was their big moment to shine. I have to admit, I am not a very good dance mom. I really don't get dance or the details of getting ready for a show. But fortunately, my oldest Pirate (17) has the heart of a dancer and also is able to carry us through the details involved with recitals and such. (*the make-up is for dance recital only...in case your wondering.)

We are blessed to have a dance teacher who we love, who is a sister in the Lord and is also my adopted sister (yup, I adopted her into our family officially last year when her only sister died unexpectedly. You see we had been lifelong friends, but God had more!)

'Aunt Kandie' loves dance-she is so talented and though her dance school-Northstar Dance Academy is only a few years old, it is flourishing under the gift God gave her. She pours herself out into my family, has for years and we are so thankful.


Expat Mom said...

Those are some great photos! I´m a non-dancer myself, but my sisters all took dance classes and one of them even worked as a professional dancer with a group that toured all over the country.

I think it´s great that you have them enrolled in these classes, it´s something that they will enjoy and remember forever.

Kostas said...

Beautiful moments that remain always in the brain and in the memory of children and big!
The photographs after years will bring also some teardrop in the eyes. Teardrop of big nostalgia!

UKBob said...

Hi Kimmie, its nice to see those kids so happy in what they're doing. Thanks for the prayer you left on my blog, I feel sure I found the guy and I emailed him but as yet had no reply to either confirm or deny. Bob.

Renata said...

These are great pictures. Dancing is such a beautiful "sport" & I hope my daughter wants to do it!!
Renata :)

Janine said...

Kimmie, those pictures are really great! That is cool you are such a trooper with all five in dance! I am a weenie when it comes to that stuff... my girls were in dance all of one year... way to go! Talk soon and take care!
Momma of four girls and loving every minute of it!

Angela said...

Wonderful pictures!!! I love this post!

Renna said...

Those are great pictures. Your children (and their friends!) are all so beautiful.

I especially loved the photo of dad gazing adoringly at his daughter.

Amrita said...

they arer dancing beauties.Reminds me of the Abba song;Nina Pretty ballerina

Amber said...

What great photos and memories for the future. They do grow up too fast!

Sondra said...

Great photos. I love the little minnie mouse! Too cute. Also I love those ironing photos. I don't think my boys even know how to turn the iron on :)

The Passionate Housewife said...

I just love that Minnie Mouse outfit!! I have 2 little dancers in my house and we love all things ballet.
I was in it as a little girl and am loving watching my girls enjoy it. So nice to see all your daughters shining!

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