Jun 19, 2008

Homeschool homemaking skills

A glimpse at a little basic training that went on here early one homeschool morning. The funny thing is, is that I am not 'One Who Irons.' It definitely wouldn't be my Native American name, but as I think everyone should be introduced to the skill of ironing, I let some of my wee ones have a morning of it. They thought it was the cats meow and then asked if they could scrub the kitchen floor again with the toothbrushes .
I kid you not, at our house this is 'fun times!'


jen said...

You should start chores and home skills when they are little... If you do not they will not want to later.

But of course you know this already. lol

Your kids are beautiful.


Expat Mom said...

They sure do look delighted to be cleaning! I think it´s great. Dorian just loves to wipe the stove and fridge clean and I have a few shots of him scrubbing floors with toothbrushes, too. :D Definitely good to start them young.

Emily said...

My kids loved scrubbing the floor too! Ironing? Not a chance. I'm even scared of the iron. :)

emily michael said...

I love that they're cleaning with toothbrushes! My mom and I got my Aunt onto your blog and she has marked it as a favorite! So when are you going to post some of those beautiful dress rehearsal photos on here?

Renata said...

You are doing a great job there, Kimmie!! Your children all look so happy. Just want to encourage you in your homeschooling - I think it is wonderful!!! I have considered teaching my kids to iron, but I haven't been brave enough yet.
Renata :)

Bobbie-Jo said...

Right on! Start training them in the right appetites, and they will have habits set for a lifetime.

I don't know where my mother went wrong - I'm so lazy sometimes!

(PS - honestly, my mother didn't go wrong. I don't know what the problem is!! :) )

julie said...

What sweet little faces they all have. My kids love to scrub with toothbrushes too. Very funny.


Kara said...

:-) You're doing something right when that is "fun times" LOL

Such happy little homemakers :-)

Spring said...

It's amazing how simple it is for kids to love working and yet so many kids these days are trained to hate it. I love Dr. Bronners soap btw!

The Passionate Housewife said...

This post is just too funny!
My girls love to do this sort of stuff.
My boys did when they were younger, But now it has changed to a very effective discipline tool for them! Wash a board, dry a board... ~teehee~

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