Jun 22, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday

Hi friends!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend. God is good, thought I'd share a few people who have praise reports this week.

Amrita, Yesu Garden, has family that got a new job! (linking to her blog and not the job)
Quinne, Thou Sayest, who just had sweet baby Ila.
And my sewing machines have been repaired, halleluyah! (the story will follow and I can stop crying!)
Debrah, if you're reading this...I am praying for you!
Leave me a comment or an email if you have a prayer request or a praise!


Foxy5 said...

Still taking prayer requests on Monday? :)

I'm afraid I'm going to be a little vague here, but God knows where to guide your prayers so I'm not too concerned about that. :)

We are praying our little hearts out with hopes of having a concrete answer by the end of the month. Please pray for clarity and direction. For details that only He can pull together to be, well, pulled together. :)


Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) Thank you for sharing our praise & joy! Love you, Q

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