Jun 2, 2008

Simple housekeeping

I think I will begin a new category related to home. I enjoy a clean home, though as you know it is a challenge even without children or a zoo. I have been picking up tips here and there along the course of being a wife and mother. I am sure some of these are ones you know, maybe not though. I will share them as I use them in my life or as I come across something new and dandy.
Home is a haven and our God is a God of order. We are made in His image, so I think each of us has the ability to put order to good use in our lives and homes.
Of course if you have a bit to go in order to achieve 'neat', well then bite off a bit at a time- keep at it. Rome wasn't built in a day, however it was built, and well at that. Don't let discouragement lead you, kick its butt out the door and let's push up our sleeves and get busy!
Housekeeping tips:
Vinegar, as most of you know is a cheap and easy cleaner. Do you remember a few weeks back I used it as a weed killer?
  • if your storing vinegar, its best to keep it in a glass container. It can draw chemicals out of plastics. I wouldn't worry yourself, but if you'll be using it in food or cooking, switch it out into a glass container for sure.

  • bleach and vinegar are a NEVER MIX. They set each other off chemically speaking and the chlorine gas they produce can be deadly.

  • Does your laundry need a little softening? Vinegar makes an excellent laundry softener, add a cup at your machines rinse cycle. You won't smell vinegar, vinegars odor disappears when dry.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the tip about storing vinegar in glass. I've recently started buying vinegar in bulk to use as a deodorizer and fabric softener.

Ashley Winters said...

I like to use vinegar and baking soda to clean my sink drains. It works great!

Sheri said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. We use vinegar for everything here too, although I didn't know it could be used as a weed killer OR that I should store it in glass! Thanks for the tips!

Greta Jo said...

Thanks for the vinegar tips. I've never used vinegar to clean. However, I love a little vinegar and oil on my vegetables. ;)

Lovella said...

Thank you mam. I learned a few things here today. I didn't know I should switch the vinegar to a glass bottle. Shoot. . I'll surely switch it now. Also I didn't know about the chemical reaction.
Something my mom always did and I have done it too was to use vinegar and water to really set a nice crease when ironing. It smells a bit when it is steaming but like you said. . when it drys it's gone.

Bobbie-Jo said...

I think I'm going to like this category!

Bring it on! (I need it!)

Emily said...

I learned something new as well. In your laundry? Who knew!~

Renata said...

We're experimenting with apple cider vinegar as a weed killer in our back paddock!! - thanks for the tips!

Martie said...

I like your idea of a new homemaking category. I will keep checking back for more tips. (Now to go get that vinegar into a glad jar! :)


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kimmie..I also read that vinegar is a deterrent for ants..they don't like the residue so they won't cross over the vinegar!! I tried it when I had ants coming into my back slider..it worked just okay but my house smelled like a big salad!!

Letitia said...

I didn't think of that with the plastic containers. I knew not to heat in them, but didn't think about storing in them.
We have also successfully removed the smell of doggy accidents from the carpet with vinegar and water. Just soak the spot. Yes, it will take a few days for the smell to go away, but I don't remember smelling it unless I got down and sniffed it. I also used it once successfully, one spot not, on a stuffed animal last week that that a kitty decided was the litter box (I hate cats being in the house!!!!) It's worth a try.

Jill V. said...

Your Word is always very timely for me. I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done in my home and then it just leads to feeling depressed and overwhelmed. I needed the encouragement. THANK YOU:-)

Ms Dale said...

i liked your Simple Housekeeping segment and even though they were not all new, it encouraged me to really get at it. i also use vinegar when I have leg cramps so badly...it works. Vinegar is a very hot item right now..the manufacturers should be happy.
New to your blog and will be back..

Ms. Dale

Kimberly said...

Makes for a great hair conditioner, too! I poured it into an old shampoo bottle and keep it in the shower where I pour it on my hair after I wash it. Just rinse throughly--no smell! Do avoid gettting it in your eyes though. My hair has never been so shiny and smooth.
We also use it in the dishwasher, washing machine, bathroom cleaner, and more. I think I'll try it against the ants in the garden tomorrow...

Lovely pictures of the kiddos and the trilliums.

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