Jun 9, 2008

Simple housekeeping

Tip of the day:
Homemade linen spray
You can also use this to freshen closets or drawers!
*spray bottle (can recycle a Windex style bottle, just clean it well)
*essential oils (Brambleberry is where I buy most of mine)
(my favorites are lavender, bergamont or patchouli. I love to make my own blends, as I am a soap maker, I have tons of essential oils in a dark drawer in the barn.)
*2 ounces of isopropy alcohol (buy at the pharmacy/drug store)
*1-3 Tablespoons of essential oil (depending on you preference.)
*2 ounces distilled water (you can buy it, or recycle it from your dehumidifier)
Always test spray to make sure it won't harm your furniture finish.
Spritz and enjoy-breath deep, you did it!
Warning: Creating this can become addicting!


Anne-Marie said...

Thanks for the shout out about our Essential Oils. =) I'm glad you like them.

Marian said...

Thanks! I was just wondering about how I could do this the other day. =)

Lil_Birdie said...

Thanks :)
I love lavender linen spray and never realized it was so easy to make .

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