Jun 16, 2008

Simple housekeeping

Tip of the day: Simple Housekeeping
A little freshener for your car-take a handful of whole coffee beans (your choice of kind) and put them in your cars ashtray, which I assume is clean and empty. Crack it open and drop your beans inside, leave the door cracked and as the car warms up you will be surprised how much coffee scent your car puts off. You will be slow roasting these beans, they will bless you with their amazing aroma!
For you coffee junkies out there, this one is a good little trick, for you non-java lovers, you can do the same with a handful of dry lavender flowers. The lavender flowers do better if you make them a wee little sleeping bag. Take a square of fabric and either hand sew or machine stitch around the sides (the fabric was folded to begin with, right sides of fabric together), leave an opening to drop your lavender or coffee beans into, now stitch the top up. Wallah, a cozy sleeping back to house your fragrance. If you don't smell your lavender any more, give you bag a bit of a squeeze and your lavender will once again give off its lovely scent.
Happy homemaking!


Angela said...

Just wanted to post a comment telling you how much I love your tips!!

Jill said...

Finally...I have something I can use that wasted space of an ashtray for!

Emily said...

I hadn't thought to use lavender in the car. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

keep your tips coming :) Koe

Bobbie-Jo said...

You know I'm gonna love the coffee beans!!! Good thinking. :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

That sounds wonderful Kimmie..it would probably make me want a cup of coffee!!

I hope all is well with you!

Lil_Birdie said...

Awesome tips :)

Renata said...

Can't wait to try the lavender!
Renata :)

liz said...

Cool... I love this idea.

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