Jun 26, 2008

You are never to big for fun

Do you remember the days when you'd do something out of the ordinary, like fly down a hill on a wee little toddlers bike? Something that made your heart sing, the laughter roll, tears come to your eyes~pure joy? Sometimes you just need to loosen up and have a good ole' belly laugh.
God wants us to have fun, so how about it, can you find something that will stretch you a bit, make your heart light and carefree for a fee precious moments?

I am asking God to bless you with something special, of this sort. Can't wait to hear what He gives you, don't forget to come and share your experience! Life is short, take a moment to breath deep and experience a new flavour of it.

I love you and am praying for you my friends, choose to be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Great Photos!

The Passionate Housewife said...

I would love to fly down the big hill in our backyard in a wagon, however, I'm thinking since I am hugely pregnant it might not be a good idea!!
I'm going to pull out the karaoke machine today with the kids...they love when I do that. I've been in drill sergeant mode since yesterday, I needed the reminder to let loose...thanks!

Expat Mom said...

Those are great. I love that your kids are free to just enjoy life. That really doesn´t happen much anymore with so many kids spending the majority of the day at school and then having classes and groups and activities filling up the remaining hours. Good for you for letting them enjoy the simple joys of life.

Emily said...

So where is YOUR picture riding down the hill, hmmm?

I've been playing board games with the kids lately. That's fun and makes me feel young.

Marilyn @ A Mixed Bouquet said...

They look like they are creating memories for a lifetime! What fun!

Netter said...

Awww, there is nothing better than a good belly laugh. It sure looks like they were having a great time. It reminds me of riding down a huge hill in a wagon as a kid. You know, My Grandfather repaired washers and dryers as a side job while raising his 8 kids. The kids used to get a hold of an old washer tub and they would climb inside and roll down a big hill in it. My Aunt loved doing that, until she went crooked and hit a tree. That was the end of the fun. It knocked her out cold but she walked away from it. Years later she found out that she had a healed fracture in a vertabrea in her neck, probably from that adventure. She must have had an angel with her that day.

Amber said...

It's amazing what entertains us. We should all how fun and not worry about how it looks. :)

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