Jul 29, 2008

Adoption fund-raising

I must admit, this is the hardest post I ever had to formulate. I have been praying about 'how to,' but think I just need to move my fingers.
Last week, Emily, from The Learning Never Stops, left me a comment encouraging me to consider fund-raising for our adoption, on my blog. This was curious to me, as I had been sharing my concern about airplane tickets and such. Emily reminded me that we are NOT all called to adopt, but that God commands all of us to take care of widows and orphans (James 1:27) and that perhaps some would come by and want to join us in our adoption by helping us raise funds.
I am blown away by Emily's love. You see we met each other over a year and a half ago, through blogland We have become friends, though not yet face to face. Emily's offer to pour herself out, to learn how to create an adoption fund raising button and help us to raise funds - was so moving. Honestly, I have been crying off and on since she mentioned it. I wept when she told me that others would want to help, you see, in real life I haven't had much success with friendships. I have found people to be hard, I have experienced in harsh ways, that people can be mean. I just couldn't get my mind around someone who never met me wanting to bless me. But then, as I cried and prayed it dawned on me, who am I to tell God how to meet our financing needs for this adoption. He had given Emily a gift and she wanted to use it.
We have never done any ANY fund raising for our adoptions. We gave all we had, even used all of our retirement for our first adoption and then we looked to God to come and make up the difference. You know, He did. We have done the same each time, given and waited. It hasn't been easy, but we have done it willingly, because we know the call God has on our life. Our treasures aren't stored on this earth, but thankfully in heaven.
At 13 I heard the Lord ask me to adopt, at 13 I said yes. When God spoke then he spoke "children," so I knew that it would never be only one adoption. We continue to walk in obedience. Today a little more humbly after this post.
One of our Pastors says, 'God's will, God's bill.' We do know that wherever He calls us that He will enable us.
We don't like to talk 'cost'- no child should have a price tag. Unfortunately, that is what adoptions have become over the years. Ethiopia is an inexpensive country to adopt from, compared to some. We have paid for one child in full ($18,000)- if there is a sibling- for that second child we feel God is directing us to adopt, then it will be another $9,000. If there isn't a sibling with our baby, then it is a full $18,000 for a non-related adoption. Plane flights, which are over and above, is something that continues to change-however we think that my Knight and I will exceed $1,000 a piece for our round trip tickets to Addis Abba. Depending on the childrens ages (at least one should be an infant)...depends on how many seats we will need to buy for the one way tickets home. It is a two day plane flight from where we live, so really 2 extra seats might prove
My husband had a dream a few months back, he saw one of our children-we walk in peace that we are fully in His will. Really, we want to bring our 9 year old daughter, Princess Sunshine along, as she has some holes from abuse, that could be healed in this process to rescue others, but that seems too big to ask. Maybe, Princess Sunshine will be blessed with a ticket of her own and she will be with us to hold them for the first time. God is so big!
Regardless of how God meets our financial needs for this adoption, we are blessed. Wonderful if He does it through Emily's beautiful button (the picture was donated by the photographer, who we have never met, thank you too!!!) or through some other means - we are sure He WILL meet our (or should we say, the children's) needs.
Thank you for your love, prayers and support...chose to follow Him, you'll never go wrong in that.
Thanks again Emily-your gift is priceless.


Renae said...

I'm so thankful that Emily did this! You are not asking for money for yourself, but to give a precious a family. That is priceless! Thank you for giving others the opportunity to be a part. May the Lord bring increase and favor.

Emily said...

You're giving me way to much credit. What I did was simple. The big part is up to Him now....I can't wait to hear how He blesses you guys.

(plus, you STARTED all this kindness stuff by praying for healing with Beth's night terrors!)

Loved this post. You did great.

Stacy said...

Great job (and idea!) with the button, Emily!

Lovely post, Kimmie.

I trust God will bless your socks off! :)

Love you, friend.


Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

This is a wonderful post and I'm glad that you wrote it. I truly believe that caring for the widows and orphans should have more priority than it does in the Christian community.

God bless your family! Nothing is too big for God. Taking along your daughter isn't a problem for Him. We'll trust Him with the decisions!

I'll email you tomorrow.

Mycrazylife said...

My dear Kimmie,

I know how hard it was for you to write this because I know that you have a hard time accepting when others try to bless you.

I love you dear friend and I am so thankful that I can be a part of this. I have wanted to help in some small way for a long time, but knew what your reaction would be...ehem...stubborn Hungarian woman!

God wants to bless you, but you have to be willing.

Thank you for all that you do. I can't wait to see those babies and I pray that this trip will bring healing to Princess Sunshine.

Love you!

Kostas said...

Hi Kimmie
As each time and current post is full from love, a big prayer for the neighbour, as well as messages for sympathy!
The God blesses you and you leads always!
Pass from my blog you take a Award!

julie said...

Aw, Kimmie, this is such a sweet post. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing others to bless you. Good for you!


Amy said...

Hi Kimmie,

I wanted to give my prayer request early this week if that's okay. If you get a minute will you please read about it here:


Thank you!

And you are right about never going wrong when we choose to follow Him.

What better place to be than in the center of His will?

Bobbie-Jo said...

I pray that Princess Sunshine's healing begins with the journey to pick up her baby siblings.

God sure is full of surprises. I hope you get a ton of them.

You are such a sweet, soulful friend. :)

Renna said...

I think this is a God led idea, Kimmie. I wish my pockets were bottomless that I could dish out the money for a ticket at least. That was our prayer in church during the offering benediction this morning, that God bless us, so that we can bless others.

For now, I'm praying!

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