Jul 24, 2008

A pirate-E question


As our resident pirate expert is on a mission trip with Missions of the World and a recent heated conversation occurred on our way to swim lessons-I ask you this:

Why do pirates where eye patches. Princess Sunshine (9), Princess Giggles(7), King Meemer (6) and King Bonkie (5) want to know. I am hoping they will believe you-somehow they weren't buying my take on the patch.

They weren't happy with me telling them that it was because of eye injury from their pirating ways. I even tried to convince them it was necessary pirate fashion. The kind of fashion statement that makes your acquaintances shaky in their boots.

Can you help a mama out?


Jacki said...

Actually it was to keep one eye adjusted to darkness at all times. That way, they could go below deck, quickly switch the eye patch, and immediately be able to see in the low-light conditions.

If your kids ask a lot of questions like this, there's a show called Mythbusters they would love. I'm sure you could get the DVDs. That's where I learned about pirate patches :)

Christy/MommaOnTheMountain said...

Well question of "why does the pirate where an eye patch?" is an age old one, and the answer best comes from my memories. At 3 years old my (now 11 yr old) D., told the joke with the reply:

Because they were a(n) bucc-ann-eer

Thanks for stopping by my site, and leaving such kind and encouraging words. They were lovely to read!


Jill V. said...

oh oh i was sooo excited i KNEW this one! jacki beat me to it:-) mythbusters...Great show!!

Jeff and Amy said...

Thanks for the fun question. I asked my co-workers neither one knew, suprised because one usually knows everything, fun to stump them. LOL Made me feel smart even though I didn't know the answer. LOL Love myth busters too, they were just on David Letterman the other night :) I stay up way tooooo late.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were looking in their spyglass and accidentally ran into something, or maybe looking in it strengthened one eyes muscles over the other, so they have to wear a patch to "even them out", or maybe it is easier to look through said spyglass so they dont have to strain to keep the other eye closed... LOL! Good question!

I always wondered how your daughter received the "pirate jackie" nickname ~ please share!!


Letitia said...

Well, pirates are not the thing around here, so I'm no help.

I'm so glad for you that you've moved to #12. Praying the climb to the top will go quickly. I know how hard the waiting is.

Kimmie said...

KH- (Koe?)

Well Pirate Jackie is in West Virginia on a mission trip with her youth group, but I called my Knight at work to double check that I had the info right. (Pirate Jackie may correct me when she comes home)...but I do believe SHE chose that because of Jack Sparrow (From Pirates of the Carribean), she deems herself the female version of Jack

We have lots of cute names for her, but alas she is seventeen and doesn't want me to use such on the blog.

My kids all have made up names for protection-some need it more than others-due to their pasts.
As we are a team...everyone but me gets a cute nickname...alas I am Kimmie-it is what I prefer in 'real' life.


Amber said...

Thank you for agreeing in prayer with me for Steve. We are doing several fundraisers for him. I have posted them on our work blog at www.rockwallcares.com and we are also working with our church in addition to that. Thanks for your help!

Mycrazylife said...

Hi Kimmie,

Jacki hit the nail on the head. Tim just confirmed that fact. Who woulda thunk?

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