Aug 21, 2008

Airfare to Ethiopia

This morning I popped into my agency's yahoogroup, I don't often visit-I kind of feel disconnected with how long we've been on the board and with still no adoption (Guatemala since 2005-put on hold to adopt sibling group, 2006- re-enter Guatemala waiting list, 2007 country shuts down, 2008-Ethiopia wait list begins).

I came across a lovely family who just came home with their beautiful Ethiopian son. I so enjoyed all the pictures and videos they shared of their time in Addis Abba. Beautiful, what God has done. Their obvious love for their beautiful new son and his country is clear. The story of meeting his birth family had me in a puddle. Stop by and congratulate them.

...Then I got to a post a bit older about their Ethiopian travel plans. They posted the cost of tickets...nearly $7,000. I am pretty sure this is for 2 going and 3 coming home. I have to admit I'm crying. This is so much more than we imagined-we haven't looked at airfare, as we are not to this stage yet and didn't want to jump the gun so to speak.

My heart is broken-with two adoptions to Guatemala that never came to be, we had to repay the second time...some of our fees transferred to Ethiopia, but honestly the numbers are staggering as we look back. I don't see how we can bring Princess Sunshine (9). I can't type anymore, because I am overwhelmed.

I do know that however God chooses to get us there...that He is faithful.


Emily said...

I have to admit I'm totally flustered. honestly? My first thought was, "Why God? These folks are doing YOUR work."
But remember, His Will, His Bill. This is His will, right? This is His purpose for your family. You and your husband BOTH know that in your heart, this is right.
So, just wait.
Then proclaim.
SOMETHING AWESOME that He's going to do.

(and don't worry that the ticket money might not be able to be used for your daughter...the important thing is to get YOU over there.)

Luke said...


May God give you the resources you need when the time comes, and the grace and peace to wait until then.

But oh man, do I hear you. Adopting is expensive... crazy expensive. Our agency recently called us and told us that we wouldn't be eligible for any kinds of discounts for adopting three. I thought, 'How bad can it be?'

So I asked.

Overwhelmed? Oh yes. I hear you. But God is faithful.


Jill said...

We just had our homestudy turned in on a sib group of 3 today,and I am asking the same thing.How can we do it God?But he is %100+++faithful everytime,he has never failed us!So I am praising him in advance for what we know he will do,that we are to simple to see.Its all faith.But yes,theirs alot of fear!But don't let it steal this moment from you.

Jeff and Amy said...

Kimmie, I am so sorry you are feeling down today. (((hugs))) Vision in your mind that video with you and your child embracing and that sweet smile your child will have, and I will sit here tears running down my face filled with joy for you :)

Stacy said...

It may feel overwhelming to you, Kimmie, but it is NOT overwhelming to a Mighty God! Not at ALL. He can- and He will- totally and completely provide every cent. Depend on Him for it. He is faithful. If there is ONE thing I learned from Isaias' adoption, it is THAT. We had NO money, NONE. Not even enough for the $195 agency application fee. We raised that sun through a garage sale and every cent following- over $30,000 of it- HE provided.

And- remember how God provided for you with that person who gave you that check, at church? Long ago? He'll do it again. And again and again if He has to. He'll do it, Kimmie. Don't get bogged down by the dollars and lose sight of who HE is and what He can do.

Love you, friend.


Gill - That British Woman said...

nothing more to add, the others said it so well. Just sending you some {{{HUGS}}} and to let you know we are all thinking and praying for you.........


Joy Portis said...

Praying for you sweet Kimmie!

Annie Chase said...

I think of you often and I am glad that you open the troubles and joys of your pending adoption up to everyone because it is a huge testimony.

I dont want to say I feel a voice cuz that doesnt make sense but I do. I feel I need to tell you not to give up on your princess sunshine going with you to Ethiopia. When we ask God for something and trust that He will take care of our needs why should we only ask for what we think is humanly possible. the cost to us may be too much to even think about but when it comes to overwhelming that is soooo God's department. Ask Bigger than you think could ever be because God is bigger than we can comprehend. He CAN make a way for your daughter to go with you and if you continue to ask him trust that he WILL make a way if it is in his will. and if that doesnt work out than know that he had a different plan for her.
I am moved to tears as I write these words. I feel so strongly about this as I write and I know it must be the spirit not me because I didnt feel this moved when I read your post.

I will pray for you and thank you so much.

Lil_Birdie said...

Emily is so right ... his will , his bill . Things work out when you put it in his hands and don't worry ;)
Got your note , thanks .

Barb said...

Luke 1:37
Go read it...meditate on it...believe it...Reread the miracle surrounding this greatful for the great Gift that came from the this passage....

Love you, my blog friend!
Praying God's will for you...

Phil 4:10-13...have confident trust in the soverignty of our GREAT content! Rejoice! Wait in expectation!

James 1:2-4 Pure joy...

HandsRaisedToHeaven said...

Hugs to you Kimmie.

Remember God is faithful. We have to believe that even when we're not sure of the future and how it's all going to play out. We know the ending though and it will be wonderful...even if life doesn't work out as we hoped...God is still good.

Praying for you today.

Michael and Michelle said...

Thank you for your comment!

I think that Aug. is the most $$$ time to travel to Ethiopia. The tickets should drop in the next couple months. We thought the same thing....WOW! Lots of $$$ for the flight.
God will provide...He has not failed us yet.


Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

God bless you!
God is faithful!!

Michelle said...

He is so much bigger than that little ole plane ticket!!!

Trust in Him. I remember wondering where it would all come from but in the end, God gave us all that we needed (and not a penny more :-) I can't wait to hear the end of your story.


FHL said...

First, thank you so much for sharing their nose is still running, I was such a weepy mess. Such a gift to meet his birth parents and to have tales of love to share. Beautiful.

As for the money. When doubts and discouragment starts creeping in, remember that God is the creator of the universe, the ocean waves, the highest mountain, your beautiful children. If it's His will to place your little one in your arms, He will get you there.

Sending a hug!

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

Hi, Kimmie! thank you for stopping by and for your encouraging comment! I appreciate it so much!

God Bless!
stop by any time!!!
( :

Bobbie-Jo said...

God will sustain you. HE brings to fruition HIS plan.

My mom has added you to her prayer list. She doesn't blog, but remembers with thankfulness how you have prayed for my nephew.

As Gina (Chats with an "Old Lady") says, Keep clinging to the hem of His garment.

julie said...

you know kimmie, i really believe that God is going to provide for your daughter's ticket as well as you and hubby. i really feel that strongly. take a deep breath, thank HIM for his blessings and do the next thing. (whatever that may be...sometimes its just mop the floor.) God is doing something big in this i know it.

Anonymous said...

I met a family through my dd's cheer group that brought home their two adorable children from Ethiopia this year.
I had no idea it would be that much $.
Don't worry. God will provide. And when He does, you will remember that this is something only HE could have done because it's not possible to do on your own.

julie said...

((Hugs)) I have had tears over this same development. Air fare seems to have doubled. Standing with you and trusting in our God that he will take care of this little bump in the road.

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