Aug 26, 2008

The blessing of sisters

I am so glad that my daughters are friends. My girls have great relationships with each other-they value each other and are happy to include each other in whatever it is they are doing.

I count my blessings, as I know relationships are hard work, there has to be a give and take and mutual respect in order for a friendship to bloom.
One of my greatest hearts desire is beginning to see fruit unto harvest. The years of prayer have been answered, thank you Father.

Pirate Jacky (17) and Princess Sparky (13), aka Fazzdike, waiting to leave on a summer mission trip

Princess Sunshine and Princess Giggles and a friend learning to ice skate

A moment of playful rest

Playing a game on a summer day

Pirate Jacky and Princess Sparky doing research on their parts in King Lear


Renata said...

Your girls look to be best friends - I have 4 sisters & they're my best friends - I feel so blessed to have them! I wish Ellie had a sister - maybe one day....

Lil_Birdie said...

It's wonderful that they get along so well :)

loved the story about the dresser , things always work out ;)

Expat Mom said...

That`s wonderful. Sisters really are a blessing. I have three and there is that special connection that stays with you even when you are thousands of miles apart.

I`m hoping my boys will have that, too.

Letitia said...

What joy to a mother's heart. My older 2 are best friends, and have been most of their lives. They are 3 years apart, but many times seem like twins. They finish each others sentences, can read each other's minds at times, and often have, at the very same moment, started singing the very same random song, at the very same point of the song. I pray my younger two will be fast and loving friends. The hard part, or course, is that when the inevitable time of one leaving home comes, it's really hard to let go of that sister~friend.
Your dessert look absolutely yummy.
Praying for airfare for everyone God wants to go!

Carla said...

I love when my children (seven of them 17 and up) talk to each other on the phone. Just because-it makes my heart smile!

Bobbie-Jo said...

I love my sister in a way unlike any other, even though right now she lives nearly on the streets, in a lifestyle so unhealthy and dangerous I can't even imagine.

And yet ... she is my sweet little eight-year-old sis who shared my bed.

I see such a beautiful bond between my girls. I relish their friendship with each other.

FHL said...

Isn't it wonderful to witness answered prayers! You're girls are beautiful!

Amrita said...

Its wonderful to have such God fearing beautiful children... God 's special blessing.

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