Aug 19, 2008

God, Emily and YOU!

My sweet generous friend Emily, from The Learning Never Stops, -creator of the fund-raising button for us- asked if I would post about how the fund-raising is going.

Well, currently we have raised just shy of $1,400 dollars.

We are amazed, as most of you don't know us face to face, but you have been willing to step out and send us financial support.

We are so thankful!

God is so big!

Would you pray and consider joining us. This is a Kingdom investment. I can't think of a better investment opportunity, than to rescue orphans. My husband and I vow to love them and to raise them in a godly home, so they can grow to love and serve our Father.

Don't think a little doesn't help- it certainly does. I know times are tight financially for many of us, but I do know that God asks us to make love offerings to Him. Would you consider a love offering for an orphan-we are believing God for two this adoption.

If you are new here and have found us by looking for an 'investment' opportunity....well, here are some of the dividends....a rescued life, children who will be loved, children who will receive emotional healing, they will be educated, a child who will never know physical hunger again, they will have physicians to see after their physical needs, they will learn to love others and be trained to be looking out for opportunities to touch others for the good of all, they will have loving brothers and sisters who will stand by them for the rest of their lives-never mind that their mother and father will continue to stand in the gap and believe God for their lives. Can you imagine what God will do with their lives? I promise you, it will be amazing. Spend yourselves with us...

This $1,400 is a fragrant offering to the Lord-we are excited about what He is up to. Stick around and see what else He will do. How blessed we are to be a part of this Kingdom work he is doing.

'We aren't at the end, only the beginning'-this is what God is speaking to me.

Job 29:12

Because I delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless, and [him that had] none to help him.

Psalm 10:14b
...The helpless put their trust in you. You are the defender of orphans.


Janice Campbell said...

Dear Kimmie,

I thought you'd like to know that I shared your inspiring post on the Carnival of Homeschooling today. I'm always happy to introduce friends!

Janice Campbell
Taking Time for Things that Matter

Emily said...

What a sweet thought that Janice Campbell had. Now maybe you'll get some great blog traffic. :)

and you can stop thanking me now...I'm feeling a bit embarrassed. :) We're hoping to give more too...this is more important than most things we'd want to support.

Renata said...

We're thinking & praying, Kimmie. That's how I stumbled across your blog - because I've always been interested in adoption.

FHL said...

Isn't it amazing how God provides! I love the scriptures that have been on your heart.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Hi Kimmie,

Just wanted to thank you for popping by my blog today, that is so very kind of you.

I was reading some of your past posts and you say you are #9 on the waiting list. How does that translate in time, i.e. weeks, months or years, before you will be able to adopt?


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi great you are moving up on the list so rapidly!!

Kimmie said...

Hi Gill!

Well, we were told in May that it should be 6-8 months until our referral (match). Then a few weeks more to get the paperwork done by the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Ethiopia (they see to all orphans).
So some time before Christmas is our timeline. But honestly we've moved by 7's in the past, and I imagine when the country reopens business and courts in October...we will begin to move rapidly.

My children have said it would be the most wonderful Christmas present ever, to which I cried.


Gill - That British Woman said...

Thanks Kimmie for answering my question.

My full name is Gillian, pronounced Jillian.


Letitia said...

That is wonderful, Kimmie. I pray God continues to bless the giving. It is definitely a kingdom investment. I will add some to that~~ wish it could be more, but we have been unemployed for almost a year.
Great news that you moved up on the list!
Thanks for leaving a comment for Ashley on Heart of the Matter Featured Blogger!
We've had big changes this week; please pray for our adjustment to them.

Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

Praise God, Kimmie! This is wonderful and I'm so happy for your family. I received your note today and it blessed me. Praying for your family!

Tiany said...

You have a lovely blog and a beautiful family!!!

We too have a heart for adoption, your family will be in our prayers! I have no doubt that God will see that the total amount for this adoption is reached sooner then later! :-)


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