Aug 29, 2008

I've hired a new model

A bib

A bib turned into an apron...I need to get a pattern!

A crocheted bib

I guess I've been feeling 'baby-ish' lately. I've hit to crocheting and sewing up a few things for the basket that waits for our Ethiopian arrivals (which still remain to be identified, waiting on our referrals).

I've used up some scraps...the green-blue bib on Bear turned out to big for any wee one of human size. So I angled down the neck ties (right angle) and sewed them down. Now Princess Sunshine and Princess Giggles have a new apron for their pretend play.
I am working on some long woolie pants (made of our recycled wool/felted sweaters) for our wee ones to wear over their cloth diapers at night. Using wool sweaters is so much quicker than knitting them. I don't know if Bear will be able to model them, his backend is a bit on the large side. ;-)
Thanks for the help Bear. You really are a lovely model!


Amrita said...

He 's the cutest little bear in the world.

Bobbie-Jo said...

Your darlings will be so very well clothed. Much better than a Bear deserves!

Carla said...

My you are in the baby mood aren't you? Proof you don't have to be preg to nest! How sweet your is to willingly sit still and model your precious baby things-I love baby things!

Renata said...

When I read the title to your post I thought your daughters must be modeling something, so I got a surprise when I clicked on you blog & up popped bear! I like the little apron & bib you made. I would have never thought to crochet a bib - what a great idea!

Expat Mom said...

Hey, we have a stuffed bear that looks almost exactly like that. And his name is Bear, too. :D He sleeps with Dorian every night and often comes out to play.

Anonymous said...

love the pictures!! I will pray for your adoption.

In Christ
Bobbie's mom

Cathy said...

Looks lovely! I love the bibs. How do you recycle the old wool sweater? Unravel it?

Lil_Birdie said...

Awe so cute :)

Kimmie said...

Hi Cathy;

No...though I have done that before. I cut out tiny pants from the wool sweater, sew them up, add elastic to the waist, using the cuffs for the leg bottoms...and will use them over cloth diapers, especially at night, as they keep the baby and the crib dry.
Much quicker than sewing, hoping God leads me to a source of some cheap wool sweaters.


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