Aug 7, 2008

So much to give thanks for

Thankful hearts
We are still #12 on our wait list. We had moved to #11, but a tragedy happened, a family's baby girl died before they could bring her home. They could use prayer, I can't imagine their sorrow, but it makes you realize that many children have such great needs-medically speaking.
God is holding us tight, as we wait on the details of our children. He is good.


Amy said...

Oh Kimmie, I will pray for them. I also ask for prayer for my young friend, Holly. Her first baby was stillborn on Monday. They are burying her today. They are christians, but it is still very sad.

Thank you.

Emily said...

I will pray for that family. Wow, the need is great. I wish I could have helped in some's just so sad, as our medical facilities here are so top notch. Their baby girl might have been saved here.

I received your beautiful thank you card. You made my was a long, hard one yesterday, thank you for helping to heal me. :)

Kimmie said...

Hi Amy and Emily;

Amy that is so sad, I will lift them in prayer-I can't imagine their heartache, but God will hold them up.

Helped you to heal? You've done that and more for me...a card is such a teeny tiny thing in comparison. Sorry you had a heavy day, wish I could hug you.


Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) I will pray with you, too. Love you so! Q

Anonymous said...

Aw, that is so sad! I`m sure you don`t mind waiting a little longer for your little ones to let them have another baby. It`s not the same, but still.

Renata said...

I will also pray with you for this family & also for Amy's friend.

Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

I will definitely pray for them. How sad. You will still get the baby meant for your family regardless of your #. He is in control!

Joy Portis said...

Praying for his precious family and counting down with you!!! Can't wait to see the sweet blessing God has in store for your family!

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