Sep 26, 2008

Calling all homeschoolers and lover of books...

My sweet friend Hallie is closing her lovely homeschool bookshop-
If you want to get great savings on books for this year, or next...hurry over, as she is not ordering more. Her desire is to sell all that she has and then to wait on the Lord for what He has for her next. As a single mom, her heart is heavy-this is such a large burden to carry.
Can you stop and lift her up in prayer and then go and order like crazy!

Thanks friends, from the bottom of my heart.
Hallie, forgive me for taking your closing sale sign...but I thought it would get everyone's attention! Love you Hallie...sorry that life is so hard right now.



Expat Mom said...

Wow, I just went to Hallie`s blog and I really feel for her. Thanks for sharing the link, I didn`t know she ships internationally, it could be worth it for me to stock up on some educational stuff now.

randi said...

Thanks for the link to Hallies store. I need a couple more things and i will check her place first.

Have a great weekend, Kimmie!

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