Sep 17, 2008

A friendship moment

James 2:23 (Young's Literal Translation)

and fulfilled was the Writing that is saying, `And Abraham did believe God, and it was reckoned to him -- to righteousness;' and, `Friend of God' he was called.
As I read this, I found tears flowing down my cheeks. As I considered that not only Abraham and those who knew him, but God himself, considered himself Abraham's friend. Mutual, filled with power and love, a true friendship. My heart grew heavy, then the Holy Spirit whispered, "I feel the same way about you." O Blessed Day.
He is a friend like no other. He loves you and wants to ignite that intimate friendship with you too. Do you know Him? Have you asked Him into your life? Are you walking with Him daily? Do you need to relight the Fire within your heart for Him? Before we go any further with this friendship study, can you let me know if you know Him? And if you don't, please drop me an email or comment and I'd be thrilled to introduce you to my Friend Jesus.
And they were called Friend of God...


Expat Mom said...

Thanks for your prayers, Kimmie, you`re a good friend. ;) I`m starting to feel a bit better, Dante is fully recovered.

As for doing crafts when I`m sick, it`s the only way I can get the kids to stay still in one place so I can watch them without moving too much!

Emily said...

Cute hat!
(your post made me sing in my head a Phillips, Craig and Dean song..."I am a friend of God.)

dreadnought said...

Yes I know him but sometimes I think I'm not always such a good friend back. BoB.

Renata said...

Yes I love the Lord with all my heart. I like that song Emily mentioned (I was listening to that CD the other day!) Thanks for sharing.

Bobbie-Jo said...

He is my Friend. So faithful when I am not. Thank-you, Jesus.

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