Sep 21, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday

Good day friends! Looking lovely from my window, hope its lovely in your end of the world too.

We are very excited, as we have moved to #5 on our agencies waiting list. My friend, UKBob, asked if we knew how long it would take to arrive at #1...well, nope. It is part of the adventure. So many unknowns really. We are believing God has spoken '2' , but that remains to be seen too. A long while ago, He spoke to my heart to ask Him for twins. It was a tearful request, as it seemed like such a big thing to go before Him for. Honestly, it must have been the Holy Spirit, as I would NEVER have come up with that myself. Now why did He ask me to ask Him that? Hmmm, guess that remains to be seen too. Maybe, He just wants to know if I can trust Him with that, and be strong enough to even ask Him.

We continue to save as much as we can, adoptions are expensive. We are so blessed with all of you who have support us through Emily's fund-raising button. We have been blessed with $1,625.00 so far, amazing huh! We still have more expenses to go...haven't paid for the second child (if this is what God intends) or airfare. Though we are seeking God on it for sure.

Can I pray for you today? Leave me a request...

A couple of things to pray for....Greta Jo is in Guatemala on a missions trip, her sweet Guatemalan son, Carson, is staying with her mum and dad while she is serving God. Jill could use prayer as they begin transitioning in their new Beauty to their home, for adoption. Dawn, is waiting on a Guatemalan adoption...the country is currently lets encourage her and approach the throne of God with her. Prayer is so powerful.

I continue to pray for those of you who came by you!


Tracie said...

Pray for the Lim family from our fellowship here at IHOP. Daniel and Levi Lim and their two children Samuel(6) and Emma (1), have been in Myanmar helping with disaster relief. Levi is native to that region and has much favor with the government there. She is busy helping relief efforts, caring for orphans, and rallying the church to help. Millions of dollars have been raised by the Lim's efforts.

Just last week their little girl Emma passed away in Myanmar. She got a fever and they were 2 days away from any descent medical care. Please pray for this family. They have given all for the sake of the people of Myanmar. Pray for their hearts and pray for the people of Myanmar that they love so much

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for all who ask. My husband and I could use some clear guidance from the Father in the area of finance and employment. My husband especially needs to hear God's voice. I need to keep my emotions in check and cannot do this without my Father's help.

Thank you,
Julie S

Expat Mom said...

Tracie, I`m so sorry to hear that, what awful news for a family trying to make a difference!

Kimmie, thanks for your prayers last week, Dante is doing great now and I`m well on the road to recovery, too. So this week, I`d like to ask for prayers for some friends of mine who have been attempting to have a baby for a long time now. They recently lost a baby at the very end of the first trimester and she is now pregnant again and experiencing symptoms again. :(

Emily said...

Wow, the Lim family story is so powerful. Just think what they've given up for His Kingdom. Having to give up earthly things, for Heavenly I'm humbled.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to update you from some prayer requests I left 2 wks ago. Thank you so very much for your intercession. I am happy to report that God has provided a wonderful work-from-home opportunity that will be very part-time for now, but could bloom into something full-time, eventually allowing me to stay home with my young children, and even home-school! I am very excited about this prospect and it is amazing how God brought it into my life - I was answering an ad on Craig's List and the woman I ended up buying some beds from has turned out to be an answer to our prayers for a job! So cool how God works.
And as for my feelings regarding my moving/living situation (going to live with another single mom) and going to work, God has been helping me deal with my fear and showing me my lack of faith/trust in Him. He is increasing my faith and now there is room for excitement about what good things He has in store for me. I know it will not be easy, but as I continually learn better how to relate to Him as my loving Heavenly Daddy who provides for me, His child, and as my Heavenly Husband, I am learning to trust Him and walk forward into whatever He has for me.
Thank you for your prayers, Kimmie. I wish I could give you a great big hug! Oh, and as long as you're on the topic of friendship on your blog... I would love prayer for a good, "bosom friend" (as Anne of Green Gables would say)! :) Camee
(P.S. I, too, will pray for the Lims...)

Letitia said...

Yay! #5. I'm so glad there was movement this week!! Praise God. I pray He moves the finances, too.

Please pray for a health problem that my husband has. He has a lot of pain, and the drs. say "there is nothing they can do." We know there is a~ THE great physician. He has suffered for 3 years now, and we are still expecting God to heal Him.


Amrita said...

Dear Kimmie please pray for my Mum 's healing, she 's got a stomach issue.

Amber said...

hi. we are on the journey to adopt from Ethiopia and I have bgun to blog about it. We also home school and are adopting through AGCI. I found your blog and would love to swap links. Please let me know if that is o.k.?
Please pray that this spiritual hunger to know more of God grows within me and that with each passing day i loose more of myself.

God's Greatest,

julie said...

#5? How EXCITING!!!!

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