Sep 28, 2008

Prayer Request Sunday

I catch you this morning, before the sun has risen here in my part of the world. A heavy mist lingers over my front yard, as I look out into the ever brightening new day. Already I have spoken with God and asked Him to begin to unfold and organize my day. Soon little feet will begin to shuffle down the stairs and the quicker pace of preparing to leave for church will arrive.

I am eager to see who God will bring me today to pray over, to wrap in love and encouragement in whatever situation or condition you are currently finding in your day. I'd love to believe God with you.

This week I began my women's bible study with my girlfriend Sherry leading. We will be studying the book of Numbers (11-23, the Grumbly parts). I am finding myself challenged already, as I am sorry to have to confess that I myself have to be classified as a, 'Grumbler.' Mostly, in my life, due to infertility and adoption waiting, but none the less, it boils down to finding fault with God. I need to learn to truly Trust Him, I am excited, as this is obviously something I need to expand in my life and spirit.

Let me know if you want to study this book with us...I am sure I can hook you up with the weekly bible read and the questions that my girlfriend Sherry gives us (she wrote this bible study this year for us!) I am sure she'd give me permission to share...

How can I pray for you this week?


Jill said...

We are needing prayer.The possible birthdad has his DNA test on Tuesday,we are praying its accurate,the results come back quickly,and that either way that God will touch this man who is in jails heart,and that whats best for this child will be done.Also for the baby girl who is arriving here on Thursday to spend 4 days with us-eventually and possibly forever,we pray she will eventually be ours forever.

Annie Chase said...

I have a praise!!!
My sister Jennie just got back last night from China with a new daughter.

Dawn said...

Hey Kimmie! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for praying for me and asking others to pray as well. It means so much to me. I'm grateful to be your sister in the Lord! I prayed for you this week! Be blessed! Love, Dawn

Emily said...

Hey Kimmie,
Our lending institution was supposed to close our house on Friday...didn't happen. Now we're going to be homeless on Wed. if they don't get the papers done by Monday...tuesday at the latest.

Could you pray that the papers are there Monday morning? The UHAUL is already packed up and we're just waiting on keys. ugh...I'm stressed. But I am believing that He's in control of this mess. Can you believe with me?

Love Emily

Kimmie said...

Hi Emily;
Believing God with you...can't wait to hear that He has blessed you with all the needed paperwork. Praying for peace for you.

I love you Emily!


Amrita said...

On Oct. 2 we have anational holiday, so we are having a day long children 's retreat in our church.

Pray that that children may experience the love and joy of Jesus and learn un-forgettable lessons.

I' 've got a prayer need for the Indian church on my blog

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