Sep 18, 2008

A Real Life Gift of Friendship

Once upon a time there were two girls...God hooked them up with each other through a friend they both knew through blog-land. God knew the timing in setting them into each others arms. It happened suddenly, but that is how God works sometimes. The girls ended up living close to each other; they ended up with MUCH in common, they ended up being very closely knit in spirit. Now they go to church together and try to spend time together, as often as possible.

Hallie is a Christian, she not only is my dear friend, but she is my encourager and a huge supporter of my adoption. I love her girls with all my heart, just like I love her. Did I mention that she homeschools too?

Wait on the Lord first and while you're waiting, remind yourself to wait expectantly.


javamamma said...

It's so cool how God connected you gals! What a blessing true friendship is.

Amrita said...

Areally sweet friend you have in Hallie

Emily said...

I love friendships that aren't work. It just IS. Comfortable. :) Cute picture, I seem to remember this one from a while ago.

Kimmie said...

Yup, Emily this is a flashback picture, that I am reposting, as God is having me share about Friendship.

I have been hearing from many, who are strong in the Lord, that they are heartbroken and unsure about friendship. I am hoping to bring encouragement, and hopefully some fresh vision on friendship.
Recently, God told me I was to be His CHEERLEADER...His Body needs some encouragement. ;-)
Love you...

Coveredwithjoy said...

That is so wonderful. I have no nearby internet buddies, but there is a lady I met in PA that we have become very good friends. It is only a matter of waiting for when we can meet.

Renata said...

I loved reading how God put you in the right place to give you such a lovely friendship.

Just had to say - you are very beautiful Kimmie - thought that with yesterdays picture as well.

Greta Jo said...

You are both blessed to have each other. I've been praying lately for true friendship.
Great photo... I remember viewing it before ;)

Please pray for our trip as we leave on Saturday for a week.

Renna said...

What an awesome blessing for you both!

kostas said...

A photograph thousand words, the one that exists in the post however floods from thousands sentiments!
Always a genuine friend is possible support in our life!

Kimmie you can visited my blog exists Award for you!

FHL said...

Isn't it just icing on the cake when God blesses us with a really great friend!

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