Sep 4, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good-morning! The sleepy days of summer have slipped by and now we rise thinking of chores and school. Routines change, the end of fall means more schedules and greater need for organization.

As a homeschooling mom who has been at it now for 12 years, I have learned that prayer mixed with flexibility is the best way to continue to walk in joy.

In real life I am relaxed, I love the slow pace of life and I love to take in life deep and slow. However, as a mum of 6 now, there are days of busyness, days of running, days that have me remembering the slower days of summer.

My children begged for me to release there school books to them last week. Honestly, they had been asking for a month, I held out until last Wednesday. They love the box of school books, they love getting handed the stack that was chosen for them.

This year I didn't buy everyone a new box of crayons, or new pencils and such. We are cutting back, using what we have. We have decided to cut out dance for the year, to save money for the adoption. The kids were all so good about it, they said they'd rather go to the park this year, or stay home and read our new favorite book, Boston Kindergarten Stories (1912).

How is your school/homeschool year looking, I hope mine is full of God's presence and as a mama who has a leaning toward unschooling-well, I know it will be filled with lots of learning, though my kids try to bend me toward more conventional ways, I think we can meet somewhere in the middle and find perfect joy.


javamamma said...

Your kiddos all look so HAPPY to be rising and shining. Mine (especially 5 y.o) are not so shiny in the morning. :)

Carla said...

"prayer mixed with flexibility is the best way to continue to walk in joy" Should be my motto! The one I strive for! Kudos to you moms that homeschool! Kudos kudos kudos! I don't know that I could (however I do like knowing it is legal should I have to). God bless!

Emily said...

I agree with Javamama...not all of my kids are 'shiny' in the morning. :)

My goal is to do different things. Different books, different experiences, different lessons. I love change, and change brings challenge...but it's usually good in my experience. OR...change weeds out the bad.

that's just me.

And you need to stop being so sweet and posting such kindhearted, amazing comments on my blog, and sending me such lovely notes. My head (well, and my heart too!) is swelling. :)

Can I adopt you as my sister?

Renata said...

Hope your schooling goes well - your children are all adorable!

Expat Mom said...

What wonderful photos! I notice you missed a couple of girls in there . . . were they rather less shiny? :)

Here we are starting our very first homeschooling year (Pre-Kinder) in January, which is when the school year starts in Guatemala. Dorian turns 3 in Dec. so that`s when he is "supposed" to start school. We plan to do some pretty basic stuff and mostly just have fun learning for a couple of hours each day.

Kimmie said...


:-) Happy to hear that you are going to homeschool! Really, they start at 3 in Guatemala, wow that is young!
I love homeschooling and am so thankful that God opened the door for us.

The two big girls were already up and dressed (earlier risers) and actually these shots were from the summer when we were at a camp with some friends. Oh, that life would be a vacation all year ;-)!


julie said...

I just started home schooling my younger kids this week and loved it. I was so happy not to send them away from me all day long.

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