Oct 21, 2008

Homeschool Lapbook- unit study (Giant Panda/China)

Welcome, join me and my four youngest as we share our two month study of Giant Panda's and China...

Our Lapbook cover...follow us along the study
We picked up this huge box top/poster board at Sam's for free. We will fill it in with Panda/China facts

Can you find The Great Wall of China?

Testing along the path of learning

This is the cover of a coloring book of Chinese animals we learned about

These flip open to give more facts...mini books are fun learning!

These flip over one more time...but you'll have to use your imagination...as I didn't get a picture

Silkworms-discovered by the Chinese! We acted out the production of silk...we even wrapped one kid and pretended that we were unraveling them to gather our silk! Yup, learning is fun!

Mapping out China

A Red Panda in process

Using magazine pages to create word cut-outs for our lapbook and our posterboard display

Some of the library books that helped us

Ni hao means hello in Mandarin

The Great Wall of China....we created our own after learning about it

Filling in some Chinese animal pages from Enchanted Learning (membership-see link)

The beginning of our Lapbook

Facts we learned

Chinese currency cut-outs

Princess Sunshine pasting the Chinese currency together
(Bad cat)

Wooden cut-outs we Pandarized! Plan to use them as refrigerator magnets, with the help of magnetic tape on their backside

Having fun learning to draw pandas

Writing practice for our 2 first graders

Look we learned to count to 10 in Manderin Chinese

Having fun decorating some dragons for our lapbook.

Some lapbook links that we used:
mini-book helps
homeschool share lapbook helps
paper folding templates

Enchanted learning website (membership required for some pages)


julie said...

That looked like so much fun. I love enchanted learning, we have had fun with their site.

Any Girl said...

Looks like tons of fun! Do you home school all your children?

Kimmie said...

Hi Any Girl;

Do we homeschool all our children?

Yup...this is year 13 of homeschooling!

God is good!


Expat Mom said...

Goodness, you don`t do anything by half measures, do you? That`s a lot of information on pandas. What a great experience for your children. Have they seen Kung Fu Panda? I don`t know if you watch movies like that, but it`s a big hit around here . . . one of Dorian`s favorites. :)

Jeff and Amy said...

That is just so awesome, how exciting and fun for your kids and I am sure for you too :)

Anonymous said...

VERY NICE!! I love lapbooking. My kids always learn so much. I am going to look into that one. Thank you for sharing. I can always use new ideas. We are almost done with our Johnny Appleseed/apple lapbook.
Your kids did a great job!!

Amrita said...

That appears to be a lot of fun.So attractively displayed

javamamma said...

You are an incredible home-school mommy! Love it.

Michelle said...

I love lapbooks. I just never get around to getting them put together!

Shawnstribe said...

Oh Kimmie i was just gonna ask the same thing....
ive always wanted to home school, but ive not been very brave .
I think your work was astounding,
i feel very inspired : )

Annie Chase said...

I was wondering. do you do different things for princess sunshine since she is a few grades older?

Kimmie said...

Hi Annie;

Good question...

Yes, she gets more...
a unit study of any type, when done by us (or other homeschool families that have multi-age/grade children) is like riding a bus...the little ones jump off sooner and the older ones are the last off. She does more research, has more required of her in regards to what is learned or memorized, due to her ability and age. Some of her stuff was in those front and back pockets of the lapbook. She also made a game for the younger kids and helped to layout the lapbook. She also would be the one 'writing' a report, the younger ones aren't there yet.

Hope this answers your question.


Kristi J said...

Hi, I just found your blog through the AGCI group thing...we are also adopting and this will make our 5th child...4 homemade and first adoption...we've requested a baby girl under 12 months to keep birth order...Your China Unit looked awesome...way to go, kristi

mom said...

What fun and you found such wonderful resources :-)

Tammy ~@~

Greta Jo said...

WOW! Amazing....

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
I do not home school and I am not connected with adoption but I just wanted to say what a beautiful family you have and what wonderful work they have produced with their lap book panda project.
I will remember you in my prayers with regard to your exciting new adoption.
Best Wishes

Letitia said...

What a great lapbook, and neat idea to do it in a folder so that you can put in extra papers that won't normally fit in the typical lapbooks.

Enjoyed all of your other photos, too.

Ashley Winters said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! This is a great lapbook! I can't wait to show this post to my 11 year old daughter. She is doing her first research paper this year and chose to do her paper on the Giant Pandas! Unfortunately there wasn't an overwhelming amount of books to provide info for her paper. At least half of her research has taken place over the internet. Boy, I probably need to get caught up to the 21 st century anyways. Ha. Thanks for sharing.

eternalspring said...

What a wonderful job they all did! We are planning a trip to Hong Kong and I was looking for some inspiration on lapbooking. At what age did you teach them to create a lapbook? Thanks so much for putting together such a wonderful and informational blog! God Bless, Julie

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