Oct 1, 2008

A thief or a friend who is hungry?


Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

That is too funny!

Thank you very much for visiting me and for your kind comment about our home. Please stop by for a visit any time!

Hugs, Kim

pinkkandy said...

hello..my name is Kandy..and I home school my two youngest...I am 53..and I home schooled my 4 grown children....I saw your blog and was drawn to it...I feel like our schooling is so structured and the kids are not having fun..I want to be free and fun but don't know for sure how...looks like y'all have a good time.God Bless

Renna said...

That was so funny, and so cute!

Renata said...

LOL! Poor bird, doesn't he know the cheese flavour is the best!?!?

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