Oct 18, 2008

Thrift store treasure

Wee King Bonkey got a new winter coat, his oldest sister and I got a moment to run into our favorite Goodwill store and he won the prize this time. It is perfect and fits like it was made for him. Too cute. I love the thrift shop...today I think I am going to find a moment to escape to run to "The Barn."

The Barn is run by a church and is kind of like a thrift shop, it has been running since I was a kid. You might remember that I got a free dresser there a few weeks back. It will be shutting down until the spring, as New England barns get a tad bit cold here this time of the year. Need to get a quick fix that will hold me over until the robins come back in the spring.

The two babies (dolls) arrived this week. I found them on ebay, after looking through 3,000 dolls. I wanted dolls that looked like Africans, not dolls that had dark skin, but had all other features resembling Caucasians. I spent days on my search, but was blessed with these twins. My kids love them and have set them up in our living room with all the things a huge baby could need.

My thought was to prepare them for our upcoming arrival. But also, as my four wee ones also were adopted, it is helping them to understand how God brought them to us.
I do think it is important for little boys to have access to dolls. Don't stone me please. My sons didn't have a father for the first 3 or 4 years of their lives, they didn't experience what a father's role in parenting is. A loving father will hold his babies, a father will change diapers, a father will soothe the cries of his child and will rock them until peace comes to their little bodies, he will meet whatever need arrives, regardless of whether the mama is 'available.' I encourage my boys to have hands on with the baby dolls, to feed them a bottle, or push them in the stroller; as I see it as building blocks for their future fatherhood and the breaking off of the past to make way for a blessed, bright and beautiful future. Someday my daughter-in-laws will thank me and my grandbabies will walk fully under the Blessing.


Stephanie said...

I TOTALLY agree about the boys and babies! We got Jaedon his "baby" when I was nearing delivery with Audrey. It was great for him to have his baby to care for while I had mine. And even still, he loves to take turns with Audrey pushing babies in the stroller and feeding with the bottles. We're investing in the future!

And the coat is adorable!! King Bonkey looks so handsome! :-)

Expat Mom said...

What a handsome young man! I agree that it`s important for boys to learn how to nurture, too! Irving, of course, is skeptical of this, but despite his not allowing me to get them dolls, the boys have borrowed a couple from their cousin, Zanelle.

I have some photos of Dorian diapering his baby and putting the little one to sleep, I ought to put those up some day.

Aren`t thrift stores just wonderful? I love sifting through the pacas in the market here, where everything is second hand. A treasure trove, indeed!

Bobbie-Jo said...

What a cute coat for him! Add a woolen scarf and he'll be snug as a bug.

Such intentional parenting, Kimmie. I pray often for my boys, because they were not born under the Blessing and Protection of two-parents-become-one. What a practical way to put prayers to work in daily life. Thanks.

Dreadnought said...

Hi Kimmie, I like King Bonkey's new coat and he looks very pleased with it which is great. I've just published the results of Tommy's night school if you want to take a look see what he's been up too. Bob

mom said...

What a treasure of a find for the young man of your family!

All my boys - when they were young - had a cabbage patch boy doll. And since my oldest daughter had so many brothers for a time, we also had a Ken doll in her collection. Ken never really had much contact with the Barbies though as the brothers always had him fixing Barbie's car! LOL!

Tammy ~@~
Garden Glimpses

tonia said...

oh, why would anyone stone you? i think it's a lovely idea to teach boys to be nurturers...and definitely close to the heart of God who hides us under His feathers.

i say, good job!

congratulations on your upcoming addition!! how wonderful to see the answer to your prayers.

julie said...

You sound so refreshed and happy in your post today Kimmy. I am very happy for you.

Love the coat and doll, I have been looking for African dolls also, would you mind sharing with me where you found them on Ebay?

Have a wonderful day with your family!

Kimmie said...

Hi Julie

Well, I don't have an exact route for you to the dolls, I did browse through at least 3,000 dolls before finding them.

I typed in African dolls and brown/black dolls and also used the word baby doll (with the word brown/black/African.

A few of my friends here said they had seen some at ToysRUs...but I didn't venture there. I did find that the majority of dolls were manufactured with a skin color change only, as they had Caucasion features and hair.

Hope this helps and that you find the perfect baby for your house.


Renata said...

What a lovely coat - great find! I love the dolls - great idea. I've always had dolls for my boys to play with - although they tend to migrate towards the cars / planes etc. but it is important to have them around!

Any Girl said...

Fantastic Coat!

Renna said...

You are such a wise mamma, Kimmie! I wouldn't dream of stoning you for teaching those little boys what they missed out on before they came to you.

I love thrift store shopping. I think it's a woman's means of "going hunting" (not that guys can't enjoy thrifting). We never know what we're going to find, and we often come home emptyhanded, but the hunt is such fun!

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