Nov 24, 2008

And the Spirit of Gratitude lives within me

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kimmie. She walked with a heart that was full to the brim with thanksgiving. It was not the kind of Thanksgiving that is set aside to come out for one week of the year, but the kind that burned with passion, a holy fire, that was set moment by moment before a Holy God.
Oh, burn bright oh heart of Love.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful legacy! Such beautiful kids you have ~ every last one of them. And look how the spirit of gratitude has spread to your children. Isn't that wonderful!
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We heard the most amazing sermon yesterday on, of course, giving thanks for ALL things, even the tough things. He said that giving thanks for the tough things don't bring about more of the tough things, but brings mercy in spite of them. Beautiful!

Thanks for sharing the pictures. You are blessed indeed.
Giving thanks for you, Kimmie!

ElleBee said...

What a beautiful post.

Lindsay-ann said...

Your blog is just screaming LOVE, HAPPINESS and WONDER. I am in awe of all do and wish I could be more like you.
Thanks for sharing this.

Expat Mom said...

What a wonderful, happy family. I don`t see how anyone could be reluctant to add children to their family when they see these photos . . . they`re all so beautiful and SO smiley! :D Thanks for sharing.

The Arthur Clan said...

Your family is beautiful and the words you wrote of Thanksgiving were beautiful as well.

(I wrote this on my blog, but if you missed it...the frames I use on my pictures were free ones that I downloaded from I think that they only work for Photoshop. I hope this helps!)

Janice Campbell said...

What a sweet family. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I thought of you you when I saw this video- have you see it yet?


Renata said...

Such lovely pictures! - great post!

Amrita said...

Love all your photos. Have a great thanksgiving.

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