Nov 5, 2008

Do YOU know the answers?

Okay... lately things have been causing me to wonder, Why? Perhaps you know the answers to some of my questions? Funny how words you use regularly can make you say, hmmm, when you try to define them.

Why do we call police officers cops?

Why when we are punishing our teenagers, do we say, ' You're grounded!'
Why do they make male recruits shave their heads and not the females?


Barbara said...

Yes, yes, I do know why they call police officers "cops". It's an abbreviation for "constable on patrol". Do I win a prize? LOL!

The Arthur Clan said...

I don't know any of those answer Kimmie, but I'm really impressed that Barbara knew what "cops" came from! :)

Angie in OH

Amrita said...

Yeah, I wonder where the word cops cmae from. Maybe its Russian or something.

Barbara is well informed.

Grounded is like a millitary word to me.You 're not going to fly - have fun, stay indoors.

Well they don 't ask the females to shave their hair as they wouldn 't be able the tell the difference between the males and females.LOL
All guesses.

Expat Mom said...

Wow, Barbara should win a prize. I was going to say maybe they had copper badges or something at one point, leading to calling them coppers and that got shortened to cops. :)

Grounded would be a flying term. If you act up, you aren`t allowed to fly, so you`re grounded. No more fun for you!

I was in the Air Cadets in Canada and a bunch of the female cadets actually did shave their heads. I did, too, actually, though not until a bit later. ;) My father will never forgive me for that one! Have NO clue why it`s not required for women in the military, though it ought to be. Do you know how darn hard it is to get long hair to behave so you don`t have to do pushups? It`s HARD. And it requires a whole bottle of hairspray and a package of bobby pins and a lot of pain. Just not fun. Shaved heads would be much easier.

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