Nov 12, 2008

Homeschooling at a glance

 love my life.
Soon we will have one more added to our roster, if you haven't heard
Read here:


Tami said...

Congratulations! I was SO hoping it would go through! I'm very happy for you and your family and Little Beauty.

The Arthur Clan said...

I love watching my kids learn something new and the excitement they have for it! We are so blessed...

Renata said...

What great pictures. One thing I've found out with all my research is that without a doubt homeschooling causes the family to be a much closer family unit.
Still keeping you guys in my prayers...esp as the 12/12 comes closer!

Bobbie-Jo said...

I love the one where the sunlight falls on the pencil case. You have very studious students :)

I voted for you!!!!

Keeping you in prayer, Kimmie.

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