Nov 25, 2008

The last harvest of roses

Ah, another summer has come and have my lovely roses.

I was taking a walk through some of my picture files and came across these that I hadn't posted, well, I meant to, but you know how life happens. So for today, let's pretend that the roses are still blooming and that a touch of that wonderful scent lingers~ in a bouquet lovingly gathered to breath in all of their glory.

You can see I am not the only one who admires them.


Stacy said...

Those are *beautiful*, Kimmie! Wow. I've never been able to do roses well.

And Ella, here next to me, thinks your kitties are quite lovely, too. :)


Expat Mom said...

Lovely! I can`t wait to finish the house so we can plant roses and flowers in our garden. I`m planning a trellis to the entrance of the Master Bedroom Garden (doesn`t that sound fancy?) and then tons of flowers in there. We just buried our beloved Tasha in the middle of what will be the flower garden, so I hope the roses will be extra pretty.

mom said...

Whew! You scared me for a moment! I couldn't believe you still had roses growing! LOL!

The pictures delighted my heart as I love fresh flowers. And it appears your cat is even smiling about them! :-)

Enjoy your day - with or without roses!

Tammy ~@~

The Arthur Clan said...

Wow ~ your photos are beautiful Kimmie! Your roses were a nice little bit of summer for me to see on this cold, wintery day.

Renata said...

They are just beautiful! How I wish I could get my rose bushes to grow here!

Lindsay-ann said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty of your lovely roses Kimmie. It has cheered up the miserable, grey and cold day we had here today.
Sending very best Thanksgiving wishes.

Greta Jo said...

hmm, what great photos. I am really missing summer.

I hope you are well.

Cathy said...

I hope you will post pictures of the meal at Christmas.

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