Nov 10, 2008

More of my heart

Words, most of the time they spill out of me. Today I am finding it hard to put them in order.

I rose early to take my Pirate to the oral surgeon. Our biggest girl needed all 4 wisdom teeth removed bright and early. I stopped by the study and opened my journal (my blog) ... there was a note that someone from Homeschool Blog Awards had come by sometime recently. I followed the link and came to a category of this years nominated names under the heading of Best "Live-What-You-Believe" Homeschool Blog 2008. The sun wasn't up yet, the coffee hadn't begun its work coursing through my veins...I saw all of the blogs listed and thought how wonderful...never seeing my own listed. Then after rereading through all of them, my eyes fell on Over the Moon with Joy. I blinked hard. I blinked again. What was I reading again, I reread the title of the category. The tears began falling.

How amazing that someone thought that they saw Jesus in my blog...that my faith shines in my words and pictures here. That my posts reminded them of God...well, that is what my take on the category is anyway. I bowed my head and thanked God, my tears spilling onto the protective plastic covering, pooling together until my God could put them in His jar that He has of all my tears.

You see it wasn't about winning, it was the fact that someone thinks I'm a Light. God told me He wanted me to begin blogging, He told me He wanted to use my life to bless others. Who would think that in a little over a year that I have touched at least one person who would see my blog as such as this category holds. I am blessed to be grouped with such other women, women whose lives I esteem.

Then a few hours later a comment from sweet Tammy (mother of 9-be still my heart!) tells me that I was also nominated in another category~ Best Cyber -Buddy Blog 2008. This is too much, my heart is flooded with emotions and again I am overwhelmed by the thoughts behind the nomination. Someone thinks of me as their friend. Friendship to me shows a mutual love, a pouring out and a taking in. Deep things to ponder for my joy filled dancing heart.

I explained to my Knight that my heart is deeply moved because the two main reasons I blog is:

that I desire to share my God and my Jesus with the world


to be friends with whoever God sends.

You see it is all about relationships for me, you can't make an impact in someones life unless there is a relationship. I want God to move in your life, I want to see it because I really am your friend, in my heart.

Words, words...

hope they fell in a place that shows gratitude that spills over into small wet pools of joy.


Letitia said...

What wonderful confirmation from the Lord. And, not only did you bless "at least one" must receive 3 votes to be nominated. So, a minimum of 3 people have voted for you so far. I'll wager there will be many more when voting begins.
I haven't forgotten your tithing question. I have just been bogged down with a camping trip, sickness, and a house that seems to be growing stuff while I take care of other things!
Would you share with me (you can email me off my blog if you prefer), how much you are short in being able to take your daughter with you for the pick up trip?


Kimmie said...

Hi Letitia;

Don't worry about the tithing question...

My Knight and I need to sit down and go over the $$$ end of the adoption...I read in our recent paperwork that we will need an estimated $7,000 for this leg of the journey. We have raised $1, the fundraising.

We finished paying for the adoption (child)...but the rest of the money covers all the remaining expenses to finish off the adoption.

My Knight and I will have to seriously look at what we owe...and what it would take to bring Princess Sunshine.

This has been our most expensive adoption, due to : having to walk once to adopt the three wee ones, reestablishing our account with our agency post their adopiton, having the country close and then beginning again at the bottom with the agency in their Ethiopian program. We've used up everything we that $7,000 needs to come from somewhere.

We will get our 'travel' date when we get approved by court...hopefully Dec. 12th. Usually it is less than a month until you go...staying for 5 days and coming home with your beauty (ies). For us (beauty).

Hope this makes sense. I can email you when I get a better understanding of what my Knight is thinking.


The Arthur Clan said...

Congratulations Kimmie ~ it's wonderful that you have let your light shine through your blog. A true blessing to many other people. May God continue to bless you...

crazyeights said...

Went and voted for you... both categories are perfect for you. Thanks for being my friend... I can feel you caring for me from afar :)

Emily said...

Isn't it nice that something so FUN can be used for something so edifying?

Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) Congratulations! I voted for you, too. Love, Q

Expat Mom said...

I consider you a friend, so I`m not surprised that others do as well. ;)

Hope your Pirate is doing ok after all that toothpulling. I recently had one out and it was awful!

Bobbie-Jo said...

You really ought to be in both of those catergories! How beautiful for you. :)

"You impress people from far away,
You impact them from up close."

That is you.

Be blessed, my friend.

Renata said...

I am so glad you were nominated - you should win both awards!!
I love coming to your blog - you do share God so well - your blog is such a beautiful place to come & get spiritual refreshment - I would love to be able to share about God as well as you do.
Thanks for the time & openess you put into your posts. I count you as a friend!

mom said...


Yes, at least THREE people have been blessed by your words and many more will be passing through here in the next two weeks and be blessed, too! And then think of how many people will be impacted by your heart for adoption and will be praying! Oh dear...I'm getting :::Godbumps::: all over the place thinking about it!

And do answer my next question did the wisdom teeth pulling go?

Tammy ~@~

EEEEMommy said...

I was blessed to see your name too. It's so obvious to me that you live what you believe! I pray that many others are inspired as they visit your blog through the awards!!!

Jenni said...

Aww!! If anyone deserves to win in BOTH those categories, it's YOU, Kimmie!

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