Nov 21, 2008

Shopping trip to the Indian Market

My friend Michael, gave me a walking tour through the local Indian Market. Come and see what we got! I am sure that this should be counted as a homeschool field Saturday homeschool field trips count?

These are by far the best snack food EVER! Honestly, I can't imagine how I missed these for so many years of my life. You will see that I am not the only one who really really likes these banana chips (that taste better than potato chips...not like a banana at all). These are spicy and yummy, even my wee ones want a bowlful of these. I should have bought two bags!

Michael's daughter (Pirate Will) is Pirate Jacky's bestest bestest friend -they wanted to be included in the tour through Patel Foods.

This past year, we discovered a small Indian market in the neighboring town. I made a few trips with my Knight and so enjoyed trying to figure out what each item could be, as most labels were not in English. I love trying new things, but imagine how much better when you have a friend who loves cooking Indian food and happens to have many Indian friends (through his work.) He also has Pirate Jacky addicted to Poha. (Michael is an awesome cook by the way and isn't afraid of doing vegetarian dishes for us!)

Michael blessed me with a walking tour through the Patel Market, what a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Thanks Michael and Susan, I had so much fun. Susan, the one picture I snapped of you came out not so good...guess we will have to go back for another photo shoot! Perhaps next time I can be more focused on photography instead of all the yummy food~
well, a girl can dream right?


Anonymous said...

YUM! We LOVE Indian cuisine. Such fabulous food ~ all the sauces and dips and chutneys. Oh, and curry... don't you just love curry??!
It's only 8:30am and now I'm craving curry :o)
We have neighbors from Egypt and they brought baklava to us a couple months ago. Middle Eastern food is a favorite around here, too.

Annie Chase said...

That sounds great!
My Brother Sam in England loves to cook and try new foods so whenever we go to visit him he takes to all the right indian, thai, and other cultures reteraunts. Then when he comes to America we all go to the market together and he makes all sorts of amazing meals.

So glad you got the chance to explore

mom said...

It sounds like a fun field trip, Kimmie. Do you have a bunch of eaters in your family that enjoy trying new foods? It seems mine tend to suspiciously eye up new recipes I try LOL!

Tammy ~@~

Amrita said...

Hi Kimmie I 'm so excitedto readthis.

I love banana chips. make them at home too.And, i love that. its very nutritious, in fact i am eating a poha snack right now my doggie too

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
Your trip to the Indian Market sounds fun. We have Bombay Stores not too far away. It is the UK's largest Asian Department Store. I am not a big fan of Indian Cuisine but I love just looking round at everything and experiencing the culture. I think the asian fabrics there are exquisite.
Thanks for sharing your homeschool field trip.

Michelle said...

I need to try those banana chips. Our Indian princess loves trying things from India...and those are something I have never seen.

Kimmie said...
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Renata said...

We enjoy Indian food as well (not that we get much anymore). This definitely counts as an educational trip! (& looks like fun!)

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