Nov 17, 2008

Simple Homemaking-cough syrup

Just to have a go at it, I decided to try some homemade remedies this year, instead of running to the pharmacy for another bottle of cough syrup that doesn't work.
I did research and came up with a few new recipes. This one is a cough syrup using ginger, garlic , lemon and honey. No exact measurements, which will not surprise my face to face friends.
I used both fresh ginger and some that I had picked up in a jar at my local Indian market, as I liked the kick to it. The honey is a good humectant and is antimicrobial. The lemon juice is a great added source of vitamin C. The virtues of garlic are many; it is a natural antibiotic, it is an anti-viral and a fungicide. Garlic stimulates your immune system too, so it was a good choice to add to my recipe.
You could make this cough syrup with a base of equal parts water and honey (as a simple syrup is with 1 cup water to 1 cup white sugar), if you are leery of using whiskey in it. I used whiskey which aids in helping you to sleep, versus coughing out a lung.
After you have your ingredients in your jar, keep it in a dark place. Shake it several times daily. At the end of this time (depends of which base you chose), you can sift out the ginger and garlic -though we are keeping it *as is* and we don't mind that it is a little thicker, with either a chunk of raw ginger or garlic to chew on.
Take 1 Tablespoon as needed, to sooth the cough.

Most cough syrups are a simple syrup base, with chemical compounds added, coloring and alcohol, with perhaps some herbs added in. Mine doesn't taste like candy, but remember, it isn't supposed to. It works I tell you.
Your amounts will depend on the size of the jar you choose. Fill it up halfway with the liquid of your choice, the alcohol does a much better job of drawing out the natural properties of the other ingredients though. Make sure to add 1 cup of honey if you are using the whiskey base.
Peel, slice and chop your ginger and garlic, drop it in. (I used 8 cloves of garlic and about 1-2 inches of fresh ginger). I used a whole fresh lemon (no seeds), but you could use only a tablespoon or two. I added 2 Tbs. of the minced ginger garlic (not necessary) from the store and then screwed the lid on and began 'the shaking.'
I left mine on the counter for the first day (to get me in the shaking mentality), then moved it to the refrigerator.
If you are using the simple syrup route, the syrup will be ready to use within a week. If you are using the whiskey recipe, then continue to agitate it for 4-6 weeks, this will really draw all the natural healing properties out of the ingredients.
Store in the refrigerator, and always use a clean fresh spoon. (as if spoons could be naughty!)
Be well and God bless you!

The unstrained beautiful cough syrup-forgot to snap the picture before I threw out the lemon

Ready and waiting


Renata said...

This recipe looks great. I've never used a cough syrup on my children mainly because I don't really like the storebought ones. I think I'll have to make a big batch of this before next winter though. Thanks for sharing!

Expat Mom said...

Oh, thank you, Kimmie! I SOOOO need this right now . . . do you have to wait until it`s done to use it? Dante could deal with some, too, we`re both hacking away here. :P

You know, I tried your pesto recipe the other day (another one without amounts!) and it was fantastic. I froze half, but ended up eating the unfrozen amount in just two days on zucchini "pasta". So delicious!

Kimmie said...

Hi Genesis;

Yup, you could use it right away. (it has better benefits if you can wait.)

One you can use in a few hours...onion cough syrup. Take a whole yellow or white onion, slice it thinly, begin layering it into a clean jar with sugar (I use brown, but white will work too). A layer of onion, a layer of sugar, continue until jar is full. Give it a good shake and wait. In about an hour you should see the beginning of 'syrup' forming. Put your spoon in and take out some...take by spoonful as often as needed. *refrigerate and always use a clean spoon-or you'll get bacteria growing in it.

Hope you are feeling better.
(if you have a sore throat, try equal parts of cider vinegar and honey...keep this in your fridge too...label, as you will want to know which is which!)


randi---i have to say said...

I make a homemade cough syrup too---lot of honey, ginger and wild cherry bark ( a natural expectorant). It tastes good and costs lots less than Dimatapp or Robitusin!

Luke said...

I'm going to have to try that out.

Thanks for sharing!


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