Nov 26, 2008

Traditions of celebration

It's time
In the beginning of our marriage, we began to follow the footsteps of my Knight's family in preparation for each holiday. Now that we have 6 beautiful children, they take turns on being chosen to go into the city to gather all the goodies.

Today Fozzdike and Princess Giggles are the girls who get to come along. Already the next two in line are waiting for their trip in for Christmas, such a treat to go.

You see, the market is rather small and generally crowded with all the other Italians and *Italian wannabes.

Where we are headed.

This man kindly let us in...there was a line forming outside to gather their necessaries for their holiday celebration.

Do you know the way? Let me show you...

The entire street is bannered: to welcome you to come

A rainy day in the capitol city

Sites of the city...oh, Little Italy you have won your way into our hearts.

We need cheese

Hi, welcome to our little Italian Market, sweet little Princess...we hear you are the fourth generation of your family to come and gather for your celebration! Buon, buon!

Waiting for all the things needed for the antipasto



The secret ingredient of the sauce

What is in the carriage so far?


snack anyone...hey where is the nutcracker?

I think I hear the angels singing...
expensive, but worth every red penny.

Chow D & D Market, see you right before Christmas!

We can't drive home until we get the we got 4 white, 8 red and 4 cheese. We cleaned the shelf out...Sal will have to make some more for everyone else.

We will wait for Papa and will have this for our dinner tonight. Sorry, no pictures of this

...but there is always next month!


Tracie said...

We've been bloggy friends for over a year now I think because I remember your post of this family tradition last year!

Happy Thanksgiving Kimmie and all your beauties!

Annie Chase said...

what a great tradition! I had no idea there was a "little italy" in hartford...the things I learn.

Emily said...

That was so fun AND educational. I have no heritage to teach my kids like that....very, very cool.

Expat Mom said...

That looks so neat. It reminds me a lot of when I was younger and my mom would take us into the city to get supplies, too!

Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) How fun!! Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving. Love you! Q

Renata said...

What a lovely tradition! I would love to be at your table - I love italian food! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with your gorgous family!

julie said...

What a fun tradition!!

Amrita said...

Happy thanksgiving.

Good photos. We use dried fennel

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
I can't believe I miseed this wonderful post. Little Italy looks amazing. My husband would love it. He is taking Italian classes in the hope that we may get there some day!
Thanks for showing this super shopping trip. I want to go there.
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Hi, love your blog! I was trying to figure out where you are since here where I am there are the same town/city names! Turns out the photos are from Hartford, Ct., right? I moved from Ct. 3 1/2 years ago. :( I miss the place and 3 of my kids!! Thanks for sharing.

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