Dec 1, 2008

Adoption stuff

If you've come by before, you know that we are waiting on an Ethiopian adoption with our agency, All God's Children International.

Today we got a letter from our caseworker. We had asked her about Princess Sunshine (9) being able to travel with us. We have been holding our breath, as we really wanted her to come-we felt that God had healing for her in being a part of the adoption of *Little Beauty.* We were waiting on an answer, hopefully waiting to hear...
"Yes, that would be wonderful or Terrific, the more the merrier or Absolutely!"
In the note, we were told that only two of us can go. Due to the situation and changes that are occuring within the Ministry of Woman's Affairs in the Ethiopian government, agencies are trying to keep a low profile with traveling adoptive parents and families. We won't be allowed to take our Little Beauty out and about with us in Ethiopia either...they are being very cautious with many aspects that used to be a normal part of the adoption journey for families.
I understand, but my heart is heavy. We never told Princess Sunshine, my heart breaks knowing that we don't have any choice here.
We know that God will bring her healing, in his time. Perhaps it will be once she is home and they develop a deep special bond?
Emily, thank you for being my cheerleader, I'm sorry that it has taken this turn. Our fund raising donations will be used for my Knight and I now. We still have an estimated $7,000 to see this adoption to the $1800 will be put towards this. Thank you all for your generous donations-they have blessed our heart. This adoption has truly been such a long and heavy road for my family.
We are working on applying for a grant with Shaohannah's Hope (Steven Curtis Chapman's foundation). We need to get a couple of letters from our Pastor's and agency...then we will see what happens.
We appreciate your prayer and support.


Maria and Family said...

I am sorry about the disappointing news. That is hard. Due to costs, we have decided to leave our kiddos home, but had we planned to bring them, this would be awful news, for us too. I really think your daughter would have learned so much. I guess they have good reasons...

Anonymous said...

We may be writitng to the converted here, but please see the link >

Luke said...

Beautiful photos!

Hang in there. Adoption sure ain't easy. We're still waiting for something to start moving in Kyrgyzstan.


Emily said...

He works all things together for the good.

He works all things together for Kimmie's good.

He works all things together for Little Beauty's good.


Kimmie said...

Dear Anonymous;

I went to the link, but am unsure of what you wanted to pull from this to apply to our current situation.

I believe in a healing God. I believe that the answers all come from Him. My children who were adopted know that they were chosen...not so much by me, but by God.

He has a plan for their lives and healing...just like He has for mine. Theirs started with birth in a different family and then adoption into ours. It was not my plan for their lives, but Gods. He loves them dearly and 'whatever' we have have in our lives, adoption, abuse, neglect, sorrow, joy, success, loss...He uses these things to work for our good. He is a loving Father, not a distant uncaring God.

Not sure if this was for "adoption" in general...or for healing for my 9 year old, or ...??would love to hear what you wanted me to see.

My hope is in God and Him alone...never in anything else. The world's best understanding, is still short of God's wisdom.


Jana said...

Thanks for your encouragement!! It will happen soon for you too!

Duckygirl said...

I'm sorry to hear that! I firmly second Emily's prayer. God is good and knows what's best no matter how hard it can seem.


Renata said...

Sorry about the news your daughter can't go. Hopefully through just loving & accepting her new sister, her healing will happen. Praying for you all as the date gets closer!

Letitia said...

I am so sorry she is not able to go. I read the book Believing God by Beth Moore last year, and she says, and I believe, too~dare to to ask for your miracle, but know that if God chooses to say no to your prayer, then He has a much bigger Yes in mind that we can't even fathom.
She believes in Him, and she has a loving family to provide the things she needs. The healing will come.

HandsRaisedToHeaven said...

Kimmie, I'm so sorry for the disappointing news about your daughter not being able to travel with you to Ethiopia. I love what Letitia commented about asking God for a miracle but knowing that if He choses to say no, He was something way better in mind. He has something wonderful in store for your family. Praying that excitement would fill your hearts as you prepare for Little Beauty's arrival.

Carla said...

My prayers to you and ALL your babies!

Bobbie-Jo said...

That's disappointing about Princess Sunshine. I was praying she could go...

But we know God wants to heal her. He has it worked out. Praying it right along with Emily!

Cathy said...'s just so sad that they have to be so cautious period. I guess it's the times we live in.

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