Dec 3, 2008

Meatball mania...a homeschool lesson

Did you say "Cook?"

"Yes, Mama just said, 'Let's ditch these books and cook!' "

Wash your hands and let's go!

Princess Sunshine loves to's the recipe.

Busy, busy hands.

King Meemer is very serious about shaping the perfect meatball

Real men cook, their wives will thank me.


Amrita said...

Wow they look wonderful.

If I had the ingredients i would have made them too.

Michelle said...

Yum! They look wonderful. Yes, those wives will thank you one day. My hubby did all the cooking when we were first married. Can you believe I could only make two things? How sad is that when you are a girl?

Expat Mom said...

King Meemer looks a lot like Dorian with that look of concentration and the hair in his face, too cute! I love that you are teaching them to cook. I fully intend to incorporate that into my homeschooling. We already do some baking and the boys just love it.

Bobbie-Jo said...

Yes, their wives will. My friend, who has all boys, repeatedly tells me that "she is making some woman very happy." :)

I'm usually too scared to let the kids touch raw meat. Obviously I have to get over it.

Quinne said...

Love it, Kimmie :) What a wonderful adventure! Love, Q

Cathy said...

Yes, their wives will thank you. I have been blessed with a husband who comes from a very traditional roles type of family. When we were first married he found my desire to have him help me in the kitchen daunting. But, now he makes tacos and pancakes and french toast and he helps me getting ready for company. Oh, and he has always been GREAT at sweeping and mopping because he worked at Domino's pizza for years. Anyhow...I am proud of him. And, I think that is great that all your family, along with those boys are finding a love for the fun of cooking.

javamamma said...

You are a good {home-school} mamma!

My mom's boys all have meals they are in charge.(remember I'm the oldest of 10- which means there are still kids at home.....little ones!) They do 'manly' chores like take out the trash but they cook and do their own laundry too!

The Arthur Clan said...

Amen! Real men DO cook. :) My husband is one of those men and I am thankful for that every day!

Your kids look like they are having so much fun ~ what cuties they are!

Patti said...

I love the cooking where you get your hands dirty! That looks like such fun; I do the same in my house, but I have only one extra set of hands to help me's all good!!

Emily said...

Now THAT is a fun homeschool project. :)

Sondra said...

Looks just like my meatballs except I just cook mine in ketchup! LOL! Shortcut. I taught two of my boys to cook. The other two had no interest in it.

Laura said...

"Real men cook, their wives will thank me."

You are a smart mama. I've never been so grateful for my husband than I was when he cooked for us while I was recovering from childbirth. Whatever your views are of gender roles, there are times when the wife simply cannot cook, and it's so nice for her to be able to trust her husband with the meals during that time.

The other day, my husband joked that it was his mashed potatoes that made me fall in love with him.

Of course, he was wrong. It was really his chili. ;-)

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