Jan 31, 2009

All God's Children adoption agency-'Special Mothers'...and others

The wonderful Almaz, director of Hannah's Hope Ethiopia, for All God's Children International. This woman is no doubt a Saint of God, she works tirelessly for the love of all those orphans in her care. She is passionate about her work and is the backbone of our agencies Ethiopian program. She is a woman of many gifts and a heart that is full of love for all those that surround her.

While we were there we learned that she has a prayer request. One of the things that is heavy on her heart, well beside the dire need for formula for the 100 babies she cares for daily. She is concerned about her apartment, seems her landlord thinks that because she works for 'Americans' that she is made of money. The landlord wants to increase her rent as of March. She really wants to keep this apartment, as it is very close to the children's home (Hannah's Hope Ethiopia)...which allows her to be there in the drop of a hat, to care for those within those gated walls. Almaz is a very humble woman, hardworking, with a very tender tender heart. She is not wealthy, but is serving God in this position as director of this facility out of obedience to the call on her life.
Would you seek God for her in this apartment rent situation.
Would you ask God to change the landlord's heart in this rent matter? I know Almaz would be very thankful, we will continue to pray at our house too.

These next pictures are of the Special Mothers, a few of the 27 that work at All God's Children's Hannah Hope Ethiopia home.

They love these orphans. They give all they have, they pray over each of these in their care. Saying Good-bye on our last day was so hard, as we knew that though they were rejoicing that their Beauty Mihret (Meh-heh-ret) had a family of her own, that they would no longer be the one holding her, kissing her and seeing her grow.

We are so thankful for them, for those prayers they said for her, for those times they fed her, held her, rocked her in their arms.

There are several men at Hannah's Hope too. They love the children no less than these Special Mothers. They know each by name, they kiss, play and pray for each of these small and not so small orphans in their care.

It isn't about a job or a paycheck for any of them. How do I know. Because without a doubt God's very Presence is within these walls, you can feel it, you can see it, you can hear it...in the laughter and tears of all those within these beautiful Ethiopian walls.

This beautiful man is Johannes, he is Almaz's brother and what a source of love, help and strength he is to this ministry in Ethiopia.
Almaz and Johannes are Ethiopian, they speak the language and give all they have. I am so proud that they are in my family, working for the same Father that I am. Busy doing his work, a work that I am passionate about, the care of orphans. These are such wonderful, humble representatives of Jesus' hands and feet . Pray for them. The enemy rises against them continually in their ministry to the orphans. The prayers of the righteous availeth much!

Psalm 34:15

The eyes of the LORD watch over those who do right; his ears are open to their cries for help.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Trendy Mindy said...

Kimmie - Ethiopian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. I never knew that Johannes was Almaz's brother. Your camera takes the best pictures - I love them all!! I love the one with Meheret with the crocodile tears..she is just precious!

thank you for sharing -

Just doing my daily blog stalking - Mindy

Bobbie-Jo said...

It must squeeze your heart (in a good way) to know that Mihret was so loved and cherished. I know it squeezes mine. The pictures you took are full of everything you said ... love, laughter, tears, God's prescence.

I prayed for Almaz.

missy said...

very inspiring...especially to know these are the same dear ones who will fight for and care for my child too! thank you!

Jenni said...

What gorgeous, wonderful people! The love in their eyes is just evident to anyone! Thank you for sharing; I will say a prayer for the apartment situation.

And once again I have to exclaim over how aptly named your Little Beauty is!!

Stacy said...

Beautiful photos, Kimmie.

How I have a debt of gratitude for the Special Mothers in HH Guatemala, too.... who loved and cared for and prayed over Isaias... who wept when we took him, because they loved him and would miss him.

And- I'm thrilled that Mihret had the same.

AND- I am so pleased to hear that there are men there, too- paying attention to the babies in their care. That was the one thing
I felt was missing at HH GUA-- no interaction with men.



Rachel Meier said...

Hi, I found you blog, and am just loving it. What an inspiration you are and what reward you are storing up for eternity. I am beginning the homestudy process and can't wait to add to my family through adoption, hopefully a baby from Ethiopia!
Bless you,

Amrita said...

Ethiopian women are so beautiful. Pray that this lady gets her needs met.

theArthurClan said...

It's so beautiful to read of your experience in Ethiopia and of how well-loved your daughter was by those who cared for her. I will be praying for the needs of the people in charge of this wonderful ministry!

Diana said...

Hi Kimmie, I haven't been much into the internet lately and have just caught up on your blog. Your daughter is just beautiful. Thanks for posting all the pics from Ethiopia it's nice to get a visual for what you pray for.

Love and prayers,

Meade family adoption said...

The most beautiful post I've ever read.

Letitia said...


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